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Appretio is a development and review process for school leaders and teachers. 
In recognition of the importance of teacher quality, The Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales developed Appretio to support schools as they strive to deliver the highest possible outcomes for their students and their community. Reflecting current research into teacher quality, Appretio provides a structured approach which balances teacher development with opportunities for review.  
School leaders utilise Appretio to increase the collective professional capacity of teachers within their school, through the establishment and pursuit of goals. Appretio integrates a school led process with a specialised online platform which supports and documents the growth and performance of teachers in relation to their goals.
Flexibility exists within Appretio to recognise the diversity of independent school contexts and priorities. To share the benefits of this initiative, AISNSW is working in partnership with other independent school associations to make Appretio available nationally. 
Through implementing Appretio schools will harness the positive benefits of the Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework.