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 Board of Studies

The Board of Studies NSW is responsible for setting K-12 curriculum and providing support materials for all schools in NSW. In managing the School Certificate external Tests (Year 10) and the Higher School Certificate Examinations (Year 12) each year, the Board assesses student achievement and awards the credentials to successful candidates. The Board provides syllabuses, support materials, assessment policies and procedures including disability provisions, as well as credentials which meet the needs of the full range of students.

For non government schools the Board has responsibility for the registration and accreditation of schools. These requirements cover a range of aspects of operating a school including:

• The proprietor
• Staffing
• Premises and Facilities
• Safe and Supportive Environment
• Curriculum
• Educational and Financial Reporting

Since October 2010, the Board is also responsible for the recognition of schools providing services to overseas students.

In Term 3 each year, AIS offers briefings from Board of Studies Inspectors for schools preparing for the renewal of registration and / or accreditation in the following year. Information on these sessions can be found on the Registration and Accreditation page.

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