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 Education Regulations

​​Independent schools must comply with a wide range of government policies, regulations and legislation in order to meet their obligations to the broader community. To assist schools to do this, the AIS provides advice and assistance to schools on a wide range of topics and government requirements, including those listed on the side bar of this page.

We work closely with government authorities to ensure that the needs of independent schools are considered during the development of legislation and guidelines, and seek to provide independent schools with appropriate and relevant resources and information to enable them to meet their obligations to governments, students and the broader community.

Please click on any of the topics for more information, including links to the relevant government authorities or departments, plus resources produced by the AIS for schools.

If you require further assistance in relation to any of the topics listed on this page please contact us by calling this office on (02) 9299 2845.

 AIS Advice

There have been a number of recent changes to Commonwealth and NSW legislation which affect schools. These changes are outlined in a brief summary, which will be updated as further changes occur.

October 2016 alert: Amendments to Privacy Act

A Bill has been introduced into Federal Parliament which, if passed, will require the reporting of "eligible data breaches" to the Australian Information Commissioner and affected individuals.

An eligible data breach will occur where there has been unauthorised access to or disclosure of personal information and where a reasonable person would conclude that this access or disclosure would result in serious harm to the person to whom the information relates.

Eligible breaches will not need to be reported if measures have been taken to prevent serious harm occurring to individuals.

The Bill follows lengthy discussions with stakeholders and it is likely that it will be passed in in its present form. It will take effect from a date to be proclaimed or 12 months after it receives Royal Assent. It is likely that there will be a considerable lead time before its introduction.

We will provide more detailed information when the Bill is passed.