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AISNSW provides opportunities for independent schools to undertake, access and utilise educational research in their practice, and own context. Grounding education in evidence informed practice is an essential feature of assuring and enhancing educational excellence.

To encourage and support the effective use of educational research in independent schools, AISNSW provides the following : 

  • funding and support of school based research projects 
  • dissemination of research findings, summaries and infographics 
  • support for research to practice initiatives
  • professional learning opportunities, with a specific research focus 
  • fostering of collaboration and networking.

Evidence Informed Practice

Research to Practice

Research to Practice draws on one of the most impactful forms of teacher professional learning, the Spiral of Inquiry. Throughout each stage of the Spiral, teachers collaborate with one another, and AISNSW consultants, to inquire deeply into problems and opportunities for students in their contexts.

Each year AISNSW invites schools to participate in a one year, consultant-supported Spiral of Inquiry process, focusing on primary science and technology.

Designing for Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a powerful approach which transforms the role of teachers to that of architects of learning, designing experiences that build global competencies – the 6Cs. It combines learning relationships, effective pedagogies, trust-based learning environments and technology to activate learning and engagement.

Member schools are invited to join this impactful three-year initiative and work in partnership with AISNSW and other independent schools committed to this innovative work.

Growing School Climate

School climate is a holistic concept which encompasses four domains: safety, interpersonal relationships, teaching and learning, and the school environment. Improvement across these domains positively impacts student academic outcomes, and the mental health and wellbeing of the whole school community.

AISNSW offers access to one of the world’s leading school climate surveys. Expert consultant support is available to improve the climate of your school through targeted and contextually appropriate strategies.

AISNSW Research Repository

AISNSW is committed to sharing the highest quality evidence from local, national, and international research to help inform practice within the independent sector. 

The Research Repository houses research outputs in a variety of formats, from summaries to full reports.

Click View More to access additional publications, and use the tags to search for material across a range of topics.

Round 4 School Based Research Project Update
Three schools were successful in receiving funding and support from AISNSW at the end of 2017 to undertake a School Based Research Project. This issue of the Brief presents their progress at the half way mark of their two-year project.
AIS Research Summaries
Wellbeing , Assessment , Pedagogical practice , STEM , Literacy , School based research , Teaching and learning , Equity , Underachievement , Design thinking , Differentiation , Evaluation , The Brief
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AISNSW STEM projects: Achievements and impact
The AISNSW provided funding and support to schools to implement STEM projects via the Australian Government’s Students First reform agenda and the NSW Great Teaching, Inspired Learning initiative. Projects were based on STEM integration within the curriculum and varied in scope. This issue provides a summary of the projects’ achievements and surfaces information for schools that may seek to enhance student engagement, uptake and achievement in STEM.
AIS Research Summaries
STEM , Pedagogical practice , Teaching and learning , School based research , Innovation , The Brief
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Rethinking leadership, recentring learning
How do schools undertake whole school change well? This Brief outlines the journey undertaken by Claremont College as they worked with change management expert Dr Peter Kaldor to effect change to support their students’ learning journey.
AIS Research Summaries
Pedagogical practice , Professional learning , School improvement , School based research , Case for change , Innovation , Leadership
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Global Educational Research
Teenagency: How young people can create a better world
This RSA report explores how young people’s sense of their own creativity influences their propensity to engage in social action in their communities.
Global Education Research
Wellbeing , School improvement , School based research , Equity , Student voice
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Working with parents to support children's learning
This EEF guidance report aims to help schools considering how they can work with parents and carers to improve children’s learning.
Global Education Research
School improvement , Teaching and learning , Leadership
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Global education census report 2018
This research is a snapshot of the lives of almost 20000 global respondents both inside and outside the classroom, providing a window into education worldwide.
Global Education Research
Professional learning , School improvement , Teaching and learning , Futures thinking , Case for change , Student voice
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School Based Research Projects

School based research projects are undertaken over a two year period by practicing teachers and/or school leaders. 

Projects are in areas of education which ultimately impact student outcomes and make substantial contributions to new insights in and beyond individual schools.

Each year member schools in NSW are invited to apply for funding and support for their proposed two-year project, and projects are selected based on rigorous assessment processes. Schools may apply individually or as a cluster.

Education Research Council

The AIS Education Research Council (ERC) – officially established in 2014 – has a mandate to investigate and support the research needs of independent schools in NSW. This includes:

  • understanding the breadth of research directions and areas of importance to schools
  • engaging whole school communities in evidence based educational practice
  • continuing to make use of up-to-date research and findings to inspire practitioners in independent schools.

Learn more about the ERC’s ground-breaking work.

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