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Educational Research

AISNSW provides opportunities for independent schools to undertake, access and utilise educational research in their practice, and own context. Grounding education in evidence informed practice is an essential feature of assuring and enhancing educational excellence.

To encourage and support the effective use of educational research in independent schools, AISNSW provides the following : 

  • funding and support of school based research projects 
  • dissemination of research findings, summaries and infographics 
  • support for research to practice initiatives
  • professional learning opportunities, with a specific research focus 
  • fostering of collaboration and networking.

AISNSW Research Repository

AISNSW is committed to sharing the highest quality evidence from local, national, and international research to help inform practice within the independent sector. 

The Research Repository houses research outputs in a variety of formats, from summaries to full reports.

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In recognition of the importance of STEM education to Australia’s future, the AISNSW provides funding and support to independent schools to implement projects in this area. This Brief evaluates the impact of undertaking STEM projects to support schools in achieving objectives related to increased student engagement, uptake, and achievement, as well as enhanced teacher capacity and STEM teaching quality.
AIS Research Summaries
STEM , School based research , Teaching and learning , Evaluation , The Brief
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Report Card 1: Optimising conditions for primary science and technology
This Report Card summaries findings of a study that examined barriers to the effective teaching of primary science and technology in NSW independent schools.
AIS Research Summaries
AIS Commissioned Research , STEM , School improvement , Leadership , Report Card
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School Improvement
School improvement aims to enhance school practices in order to create better student outcomes. It involves school leaders, staff and the whole school community refining a shared vision, conducting rigorous self-evaluation, creating a well-developed plan for improvement, and establishing reliable ways of measuring and monitoring change.
AIS Research Summaries
School improvement , Innovation , Leadership , The Link
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Global Educational Research
Teacher wellbeing: A review of the literature
It is well acknowledged that teachers are the most important in-school factor contributing to student success, satisfaction and achievement, and that teacher wellbeing is deeply connected to the quality of their work. Teacher wellbeing is therefore of critical importance for the future of education. This literature review provides a synthesis of recent international research on the topic.
Global Education Research
AIS Commissioned Research , Professional learning , Leadership , Wellbeing
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Intelligence unleashed: An argument for AI in education
This short paper explains to a non-specialist, interested reader what AIEd is: its goals, how it is built, and how it works; and then sets out the argument for what AIEd can offer learning, both now and in the future.
Global Education Research
Latest Education Research in the Public Domain , Technology , Futures thinking , Innovation
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Teaching as a research-engaged profession: Problems and possibilities
This report a road-map for anyone embarking on a journey towards being more research informed and research-literate, and is working towards building a research-engaged school.
Global Education Research
Professional learning , Pedagogical practice , School improvement , School based research , Futures thinking , Innovation
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School Based Research Projects

School based research projects are undertaken over a two year period by practicing teachers and/or school leaders. 

Projects are in areas of education which ultimately impact student outcomes and make substantial contributions to new insights in and beyond individual schools.

Each year member schools in NSW are invited to apply for funding and support for their proposed two-year project, and projects are selected based on rigorous assessment processes. Schools may apply individually or as a cluster.

Research to Practice Initiative

The Research to Practice Initiative invites your team to engage with an AISNSW Education Consultant in an ongoing collaboration using the ground-breaking Spiral of Inquiry framework (Halbert & Kaser, 2013) and current research about quality teaching and learning in Science and Technology. Identified by the OECD as one of the most impactful forms of professional learning, the Spiral of Inquiry framework enables teachers to pursue new learning in relation to the specific needs of the students in their class

Education Research Council

The AIS Education Research Council (ERC) – officially established in 2014 – has a mandate to investigate and support the research needs of independent schools in NSW. This includes:

  • understanding the breadth of research directions and areas of importance to schools
  • engaging whole school communities in evidence based educational practice
  • continuing to make use of up-to-date research and findings to inspire practitioners in independent schools.

Learn more about the ERC’s ground-breaking work.

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