The AISNSW Research to Practice Initiative gives teachers the opportunity to use high-impact techniques in classroom practice and be on the front foot with the new NSW Syllabus for the Australian curriculum: Science and Technology K-6.

Research to Practice is a year-long partnership between AISNSW and primary school teams. Using the Spiral of Inquiry framework for collaborative inquiry, teams work together to improve their practice and transform the teaching and learning of Science and Technology in their contexts.

Coupled with the latest evidence in effective teaching and learning, Research to Practice teams engage with a dedicated AISNSW consultant to analyse the information they have collected about their students to improve important characteristics of pedagogy in Science and Technology.

How does it work?

Schools commit to a year-long partnership with AISNSW, beginning in Term One of each school year.

As part of the partnership, schools will:

  • participate in a one-day introductory event
  • receive regular, ongoing, tailored support from AISNSW primary consultants
  • be supported in the implementation of the new K-6 Science and Technology Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum
  • have opportunity to present findings from their involvement in the initiative at an AISNSW event
  • participate in an impact evaluation of the initiative.

Research to Practice reflects a co-contribution model whereby schools contribute $4000 per year and commit to releasing teachers as appropriate for their active participation in the initiative.  In return AISNSW provides consultancy support and access to quality resources and professional learning.

What are people saying?

“The learning by our staff has raised the profile and bar for thinking and teaching in Science and Technology, and has also meant a renewed enthusiasm all round.”

“... this initiative is the most beneficial professional learning that the teachers have participated in in recent times ...”

“This initiative has already transformed the way I work.”

"Working with the AIS consultant has been very helpful in guiding us in the right direction through the process."

Research to Practice and the Spiral of Inquiry

Three Big Picture Questions

What is going on for our learners?

How do we know?

Why does it matter?

What is going on for our learners?

What will have the biggest impact?

Developing a Hunch
What is leading to the situation?
How are we contributing to it?

Have we made enough of a difference?
How do we know?

Taking Action
What can we do to make a meaningful difference?

What do we need to learn?
How will we learn this?

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