Is the provision of the highest quality Primary Science and Technology education a priority in your school?

Expressions of Interest are being sought for the 2018 Research to Practice Initiative – Primary Science and Technology.

With a focus on transferring current research into classroom practice, the initiative involves a team of teachers collaborating over one year with an AISNSW education consultant to shift thinking and pedagogy.

Spiral of Inquiry

The Research to Practice Initiative draws on one of the most impactful forms of teacher professional learning, the Spiral of Inquiry. (Halbert & Kaser, 2013). Identified by the OECD as one of the most impactful forms of professional learning, the Spiral of Inquiry framework enables teachers to pursue new learning in relation to the specific needs of the students in their class.

The Spiral of Inquiry introduces teachers to a set of questions that shift thinking and practice. The process is action-oriented, beginning with an evidence-seeking mindset and with teachers collecting a diverse range of data about their students. Teachers investigate what is happening for all learners and look beyond aspects of learning that are easily measured.

Throughout each stage of the spiral, teachers collaborate to inquire deeply into the problems and opportunities for the students in their contexts. Teachers cross-reference the most current evidence-informed thinking in Primary Science and Technology with the data they have collected. The focus becomes about teachers developing new learning and actions, resulting in changes to the experience that learners have in Science and Technology.

Join the Research to Practice Initiative

Feedback from past participant member school leaders validates the success of the initiative for schools, teachers and students:

“The support from the AIS consultant was invaluable as the extra layer of expertise ensured that scientific inquiry, questioning and understanding were embedded at a deeper level in the teaching and learning.”

To participate in the Research to Practice Initiative for 2018, please fill out the Expression of Interest.

For further information please contact Kelly Borg, Assistant Division Head: Professional Learning,

Professional Learning: kborg@aisnsw.edu.au or 02 9299 2845.

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