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The Phase 2 NSW Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan (Phase 2 Action Plan) is a cross sectoral initiative designed to improve student outcomes through enhancing capacity of school leaders and their staff. The key elements underpinning the Phase 2 Action Plan in Kindergarten to Year 2 literacy and numeracy include:

  • instructional leadership;                 
  • diagnostic assessment;
  • differentiated teaching; and
  • tiered interventions.

Instructional Leadership

Each school’s instructional leadership model will be responsive to their current context and by building capacity over time, will ensure sustainability. 

Participating Schools

Schools participating in the Phase 2 Action Plan can access professional learning materials, online learning modules and resources by signing in here.

Student Services Team
Margaret McKay
Division Head
Lisa Ridings
Senior Assistant Division Head
Fiona Elliott
Education Consultant: Student Services
Pat Hodges
Education Consultant: Literacy
Nina Radice
Education Consultant: Literacy
Renae Watkins
Education Consultant: Literacy
Troy Douglas
Education Consultant: Numeracy