Consultancy Support

AISNSW education and workplace consultancy staff provide ongoing expert advice and professional support to principals, boards and executive teams in their leadership—to benefit the learning outcomes for all students in their schools—which in turn strengthens the quality of education in schools across the independent sector.

Long term consultancy relationships between AISNSW and member schools result in leaders implementing effective processes and modern workplace environments so they can ultimately focus their influence on the most important work of schools—the future of quality learning and teaching.

Education Regulations

The AISNSW Education Regulations and Program Implementation Division provides information, advice and support to schools across a range of State and Commonwealth regulations and legislation and is responsible for the implementation of a range of programs in NSW independent schools.

Core Services

• National funding regulations

• Registration and accreditation of schools

• Regulation of teacher accreditation authorities

• CRICOS (overseas students)

• Early childhood education and care

• OSHC, enrolment, attendance and out of home care

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To assist boards of member schools to meet their demands, the AISNSW provides advice on school governance issues, facilitates board appraisals and school reviews, and conducts a comprehensive range of governance training activities.

Core Services

• Provide advice on school governance issues

• Facilitate board appraisals and school reviews

• Conduct a comprehensive range of governance training activities

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Independent Schools Teacher Accreditation Authority (ISTAA)

This unit provides advice and support for independent schools on teacher accreditation. Courses as well as online and email support are provided for teachers who are completing accreditation through the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) at the key stages of Proficient Teacher, Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT) and Lead Teacher (LT).

Core Services

• Advice on teacher accreditation

• Face to face, email, telephone and online support and resources

• Representation at NSW and Australian government level

• Accreditation process at Experienced Teacher and Professional Excellence Non-Core Services

• Courses and in-school professional learning on teacher accreditation

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Leadership Centre

The AIS Leadership Centre’s strategic intent: Growing leaders; Inspiring leadership is supported by its purposeto develop authentic, purposeful and visionary people who lead the learning and growth of students, staff and school communities.  A wide range of Career Stage programs, In-school Consultancies Masterclasses and Services is provided for current and future school leaders that draw on effective leadership, nationally and internationally.

Core Services

• Customised conferences and programs 

• Strategy development processes 

• Advice to school leaders on educational leadership matters 

• Individual and team support through professional companionship for senior leaders and coaching support for senior and middle leaders.

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Policy and Compliance

The Policy and Compliance team supports the Chief Executive to advocate on behalf of the independent schooling sector. Consultation with schools and sharing opportunities for schools to engage directly in government consultations underpin the work of this team.  The team coordinates submissions across the gamut of issues of importance to the sector.

Core Services

• Represent the interests of independent schools in the development of cross-sectoral strategies.

• Work collaboratively with a number of federal and state government agencies on reforms and changes which impact independent schools.

• Provide support to schools on compliance matters, particularly those that are complex or ambiguous. 

• Works across the organisation and with external agencies where complex issues arise, in order to best support schools navigate challenging areas of regulation and compliance.  

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Professional Learning

The key focus of the AIS Professional Learning program is to support teachers, leaders and non-teaching staff in independent schools to continue to grow professionally so that improved school outcomes can be achieved and student learning and wellbeing can be enhanced. Emphasis is placed on supporting schools and teachers to enhance practice in the areas of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, ICT, wellbeing and school improvement.

Core Services

• In your school – professional learning in this mode is collaborative and customised to the specific needs and context of the school. 

• Face to Face – the AIS facilitates a comprehensive range of courses and conference which are held at the AIS Conference Centre, commercial venues and at host schools.

• Online Learning – AIS online learning offerings are delivered in a wide range of modes including: self-paced modules; webinars; blended learning; collaborative activities; and video conferencing.

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School Innovation

The School Innovation team is future-focused and has been formed at a time when there is considerable interest in reshaping schooling. We support teams as they use processes such as ideation and prototyping, and focus on the enabling conditions required to lead significant change. Disciplined innovation suits schools that are seeking to explore new solutions to complex challenges in their distinctive context.

Core Services

• Provide extended support in disciplined innovation, including design thinking.

ELEVATE: agile design for high potential learnersa signature initiative of the team.

• The School Innovation team offers bespoke consultancies on a fee-for-service basis.

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Student Services

The Student Services team consists of specialist consultants with expertise in supporting students with additional needs related to disability, physical and mental health as well as assisting schools with effective literacy and numeracy instruction.

Core Services

• Policy advice regarding students with additional needs.

• Support with the collaborative planning process for students with disabilities.

• Risk assessments for students with additional needs.

• Facilitation of attendance improvement planning meetings.

• Professional learning focused on the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, the Disability Standards for Education (2005) and the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD). 

• Implementation of the Early Literacy project.

• Implementation of the Phase 2 NSW Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan.

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Workplace Management

The AISNSW Workplace Management team consists of trained professionals with expertise in specific areas while working across a range of workplace matters of relevance to independent schools. Team members provide schools with holistic, dynamic and collaborative advice on critical workplace issues.

Core Services

• Employment relations matters

• Child protection

• Work health and safety

• Privacy

• Family law

• Discrimination

• Enrollment matters

• Non-payment of school fees

• Advice and investigations into bullying and harassment

• Reportable conduct and sexual harassment

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