The NGS Super National Virtual Debating competition is an important event in the education calendar for a growing number of Independent schools across Australia. Since 2015, student teams across Australia have been taking part in the NGS Super National Virtual Debating Program, an event that removes the tyranny of distance and associated costs that can prohibit schools from benefiting in face to face debating to engage in an invaluable low-cost alternative.

The NGS Super National Virtual Debating competition is coordinated by Australian Independent Schools NSW and Independent Schools Queensland.

Why Virtual Debating?

For many schools, especially those in rural or remote areas, the NGS Super National Virtual Debating Competition opens new opportunities for students to develop important critical thinking skills that can support potential careers in politics, law and diplomacy among others.

Formal debating has always been a valued activity for students, but an obvious advantage of virtual debating is that it alleviates the need for travel by students and teachers to the opponent’s venue. 

Possibly the biggest advantage is the range of opponents each school will encounter in this initiative. This allows your school to break away from a normal geographic local group of competitors and and face off against a new range of opponents. 

NGS Super - 2018 Major Sponser

We thank NGS Super for its generous support of the 2018 National Virtual Debating Competition as the event's major sponsor.

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