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 What's New in PDHPE?

  • Water Safety

    ​The arrival of summer is a timely opportunity to remind students of the importance of personal safety in and around water. The mandatory PDHPE curriculum provides a comprehensive approach to water safety. Students have the opportunity to learn about aquatic hazards, water safety strategies and emergency response procedures. 

  • Your Time in the Sun

    ​Your time in the sun is the latest campaign from the NSW Cancer Institute, aimed at reminding young people about the importance of protecting their skin in the sun. 

  • How SunSmart is your school

    Can the community see that your school is proudly SunSmart? To find out what information the community sees visit www.sunsmartnsw.com.au/search/

    If your SunSmart membership has lapsed or your school is not participating, simply follow the prompts on our website renew or join for free. Should you require any assistance you can contact The SunSmart Team directly on 02 9334 1761. 

  • NSW Health School Canteen Strategy Information Sessions

    ​All principals and canteen managers are invited to attend and information and support session to provide an overview of the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy for primary and secondary schools.

  • AISNSW Road Safety Education

    AIS offers a range of resources and complimentary Road Safety Education professional learning.

  • On the Move Website

    Transport for NSW develops and produces road safety education resources to help improve the safety of all school students in NSW. Road-related crashes are the largest cause of death and serious injury among young people. Resources help students identify and reduce road safety risks, and encourage them to become safer pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders and drivers.

  • Getting the most out of sunscreen

    With the UV index soaring over summer, now is an ideal time to make sure students know how to protect themselves and are taking the sun safe message home with them over the summer holiday period. Whilst a lot of young people rely on sunscreen for UV protection over summer, many are not applying it in a way that achieves maximum effectiveness. For some handy tips on sunscreen application please see Cancer Council NSW’s newsletter section which can be adapted for your own school newsletter.

  • What's Happening to U
    This is a free, new and comprehensive teacher’s resource to significantly support the teaching of personal development in schools.
    What’s Happening To U? offers digital, video and printed materials that tap into real attitudes and needs, with an emphasis on students talking to and being heard by other students.
    Language, imagery and technologies that students relate to are incorporated, while following the PDHPE syllabus and laid out in a format for teachers to customize or use out of the box, from print, to DVD or PowerPoint through to electronic white board files.
  • Cancer Council Free Online SunSmart Resource
    ​The Cancer Council’s SunSmart team has developed Real Stories which provides Year 7-10 students and their teachers with a series of free online resources to examine the issued relate to young people and skin cancer. Real Stories features nine engaging videos and over thirty secondary school lessons. The activities throughout the resource can be used individually or as part of a comprehensive unit. Visit the Real Stories website at: