Action Research

At the start of the Inclusive Schooling project AIS consultants work with the school executive to determine the current status of inclusive practices using the SWIFT framework and use the survey and interview data to substantiate decisions. This process results in the identification of school-wide practices for further development and a school-wide project plan for supporting teachers to achieve enhanced skills and knowledge.

The Inclusive Schooling project provides opportunities for teachers to engage in school-based professional learning that is directly linked to their own classroom practice, organised around collaborative problem solving and operates within the priorities identified in a school-wide project plan. This is undertaken through a school wide action research model.

A consultant will support the school and individual teachers as they engage in a process of enquiry in their own classrooms and examine the effectiveness of their practice.

Action research is cyclical and is based on continuous evaluation and reflection.  The process may be described in four stages:


It is critical that teachers learn about the success or otherwise of their interventions: those teachers who are students of their own effects are the teachers who are most influential in raising students' achievement.​

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