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 2015 AIS STEM Symposium​

The first day of our 2015 AIS Symposium showcased our 24 Round 1 STEM projects from schools across NSW and the ACT, sharing drones, robots, makerspaces, electronic art, sewable circuits, PCBs, augmented reality, minecraft, solar cells, home grown fuel cells, capacitors, flipped learning, STEM youtube channels, and more.

Leading STEM speakers, exhibitors and workshops came together on the second day, and our 25 AIS NSW Round 2 STEM schools introduced their 2015-16 funded projects. 

The Day 1 and 2 Symposium Programs, and the Day 2 exhibitor list, are available by clicking on the following two images.

2015_AISNSW_STEM_Symposium_day_1_program.jpg  2015_AISNSW_STEM_Symposium_day_2_program.jpg

Click here or below to view the Symposium photo stream.

AIS STEM Symposium​ 2015

Links to the symposium presentations are on their way...

Day 1 Presentations


  • Professor Merlin Crossley - Dean of Science at UNSW and Professor of Molecular Biology

Student Breakouts:

  • Brad Hall - Student Robotics Showcase
  • Questacon Smart Skills Program – Student Landing Challenge

Round 1 School Project Presentations:

  • Canberra Grammar School - Drone School (see keynote presentation)
  • Frensham - Digital Fabrication Workshop & Integrated Learning Project
  • Green Point Christian College - The STEaMing News' YouTube Channel
  • Inaburra - Minecraft Project
  • International Grammar School - Primary - IGSTEM Makerspace
  • International Grammar School - Secondary - STEM to STEAM
  • Knox Grammar School - Fostering creativity and critical thinking through STEM
  • Masada College - Beyond Science Evening
  • Meriden School - E-Textiles
  • MLC School - Full STEAM ahead
  • Moriah College - STEAM - Year 7 ESBS and Year 9 DNA
  • Mount Annan Christian College - STEM_ed Video Channel
  • Oakhill College - S.E.R.iES
  • Pacific Hills Christian School - PROJECT REAL - Real World Science | Real World Solutions
  • Queenwood - Action research to improve project and group work in STEM lessons
  • Ravenswood - FullSTEAMAhead@Ravenswood
  • Rosebank College - Flipped Classroom
  • St Andrew's Cathedral School - LEGO Mindstorms - An innovative way to teach Physics
  • St Philip's Christian College (Newcastle) - Cross-curricular iSTEM team teaching project


Day 2 Presentations


  • The State of STEM Education in Australia - presentation and notes - Dr Roslyn Prinsley, Office of the Chief Scientist


  • The Importance of Playful Learning - Sandra Googan, Senior Regional Manager, Lego Education
  • Workshop A - STEM challenge days - Kevin Jones, Mount St Benedict College
  • Workshop B - Encouraging Girls to take up STEM - Dr Alexandra Bannigan, Communications and Development Manager, UNSW Faculty of Engineering and Sarah Terkes, Digital Marketing Coordinator, UNSW Faculty of Science and UNSW Science 50/50 Program

 Symposium Links


Funded STEM Projects 

Our Round 2 and Round 1 AISNSW STEM projects are described here.  Access to the Round 1 project artefacts is presently being arranged, and can be made available on request.


Latest Research

Click here for the "The Link" Issue 3 summary of the AISNSW commissioned "Literature Review - Quality Learning and Teaching in Primary Science and Technology (UTS)".

Click here for other K-12 Education Research published by AISNSW, and in the public domain.