Competition Portal

Welcome to the 2021 Competition Portal. This page is designed for school coordinators and contains all the relevant information required to compete in the competition.

Coordinators Quick Guide:

In the first instance, please familiarise yourself with the Rules and Guidelines of the competition.

Scheduling a debate:

  1. Access the relevant draw from the links on the right
  2. identify the required match-ups for your group
  3. access the 'Coordinator Contacts' page and make contact with other coordinators in your group
  4. negotiate a time for your debates that are mutually agreed upon with the coordinators from the other schools in your group (matches must occur between May 4th and August 31st)
  5. Submit a 'Debate Nomination' form (affirmative team to enter) confirming the match-up, date and time (take extreme care to select the correct teams)
  6. Debate link, time and topic will be confirmed on the draw
    1. Primary and Junior topics will be released 1 week prior to the debate for prep
    2. Middle and Senior topics are released at the start of the scheduled match-up by the Masters Academy Coordinator

Completing a debate (matchday):

  1. at least 10 minutes prior to the debate, retrieve the link from the draw and connect to the Zoom session
  2. once everyone has connected carry out a sound and video test with the opposition to ensure your connection is good
    1. Primary and Junior debates: The adjudicator will join and start the debate (you should allow approximately 1 hour for these debates)
    2. Middle and Senior debates: The Masters Academy Coordinator will join, release the topic and start prep time. The adjudicator will join at the end of prep time and start the debate (you should allow 2 approximately 2 hours for these debates. 1 hour of prep and 1 hour for the debate)