AISNSW Languages Conference 2019

Languages - A Vital Resource for Australia

With the implementation of the new NSW Languages syllabuses and the 2018 review of the NSW curriculum, the biennial AISNSW Languages Conference will focus on Languages pedagogy and policy.

Experts providing a theoretical background on task-based language learning will be supported by teacher-presenters showcasing examples of effective tasks. Internationally renowned keynote speakers will provide a snapshot of the current status of Languages in schools at the state, national and international level and will forecast possible implications of government policy on the future of Languages. 

Featured Workshops:

Immersive experiences 
in the Languages classroom

Meaningful play: having principled and purposeful fun in the language classroom

Why traditional error correction doesn’t work and how we can enhance its impact

Rethinking assessment 

Special Workshop Presenter: Dr Gianfranco Conti

An applied linguistics MA and PhD graduate Gianfranco Conti has taught Languages for over 25 years both at primary, secondary and university levels. In his current role as Visiting Fellow at the University of Reading, he has currently lexicogrammar acquisition, listening instruction, metacognition, error correction and learner autonomy as main research interests.

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