AISNSW Student Services Conference 2019:

Working Together - 
Support for Students with Academic, Behavioural and Mental Health Needs

This conference is focused on understanding varying levels of support to address academic and behavioural needs for all students.

Schools endeavour to be centres of excellence where teachers strive to reach all students with effective instruction in safe and engaging learning environments. As the needs of students become more diverse, the importance of fostering inclusive learning environments and practices continues to grow. 

Inclusive practices refers to the instructional and behavioural strategies that improve academic and social-emotional outcomes for all students. To achieve the goals of providing high quality education for all students, a layered or multi-tiered approach is required to address student variability in both academic and behavioural progress. 

Keynote presenter Professor Andrew Martin:

2019 Feature Workshop Sessions:

Quality Universal Instruction:
Australian Christian College Singleton

Beyond Blue
Be You Resources
Adrian Larkin

Systems of Support

Town Hall

Venue for 2019

Location: Amora Hotel,
11 Jamison St, Sydney NSW 2000
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