Learning from Home - Stage 4, 5 and 6 Dance

The following resources are for teachers of Stages 4-6 Dance with advice, support, and information to support learning at home. Safety considerations for practical subjects should be incorporated into any learning from home activities to ensure students are protected from reasonably foreseeable harm when learning from home.

Schools are encouraged to contact AISNSW Consultant, Nicky Sloss for advice for Dance using a learning from home model.

Stages 4, 5 and 6 Dance Learning from Home

The aim of each Dance Syllabus is for students to experience, understand, value and enjoy dance as an art form through the interrelated study of the performance, composition and appreciation of dance.

Staying active at home

Physical activity is important for all students and teachers when learning and working from home.

Getting students and teachers active at home is a collated list of no cost resources that can be used to support and encourage a whole-school approach to movement throughout the day. These can be selected and adapted to suit the age, interests, abilities, needs and environment of students and teachers.

Important note: these activities are not intended to replace Dance learning for students. Rather, they complement the Dance curriculum which involves movement concepts, composition, and elements of Dance.

Dance Safety Considerations when learning from home

AISNSW has produced a range of safety considerations for PDHPE when learning from home. These can be adapted for Dance and highlight areas to consider when creating and implementing practical dance components of Stages 4, 5 and 6 Dance.

  Stages 4-5-6 Dance Resources

The following advice and resources are available to schools at no cost and can be adapted to suit the specific school context and needs of students.

To support the selection and adaptation of resources, AISNSW has created a Guiding Principles for Schools and Teachers in Selecting Teaching and Learning Resources for Home Learning document.