Learning from Home - Technology

Even if online learning is still only a contingency, we recommend schools are clear with their staff, students and parents as to how they would like to implement the technology options for learning from home.   

Topics you might clarify could include: 

  • What would a school day look like for a student using technology to learn from home? How will this be different from a day at school. 

  • What challenges might students face when learning from home, using some technology. How can these be overcome? 

  • Who would a student contact when confused or needing help with technology and learning from home? 

  • How can students support each in an unfamiliar technology classroom environment, so that everyone feels that they are part of the class? 

  • How can parents support the technology environment for learning from home? 

Here you will find information to support your school’s transition to and maintenance of learning from home with technology. 

There are resources and considerations here for school leaders, ICT staff and teachers.

Changes to online policies and procedures:

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic schools are finding a need to vary their policies and procedures to address the new circumstances. Where a new policy or procedure is critical for the safe operation of the school it may be prudent when communicating it to parents or carers to seek an acknowledgment that it has been received and, where appropriate, passed on to the student. Where no acknowledgement is received the parent or carer can be followed up with a phone call.