Delivering ICT Services Remotely

Delivering a ICT services successfully is built on keenly thought strategies, clear communication and a skilled team, which caters to the needs of school staff. Find these checklists and tips to keep the delivery of your school’s ICT services running smoothly.

Suggestions for managing the ICT Team remotely 

  • Schedule daily team video conference check ins  
  • Monitor tickets remotely and place internal notes  
  • Place all non-essential projects on hold  
  • Use an agile approach to task management categories all tasks under: 
    - On the horizon 
    - Pending 
    - Priority 
    - Completed 
    - New 
    - Blocked  

Enabling your community to seek IT Support 

  • Specify how staff and students can access IT support and what is and isn’t supported  
  • Channels to offer remote support to your staff  
  • Use your ticketing system 
  • Provide a central phone number and Email  
  • Chat forum monitored by school’s ICT staff 
  • Offer a continuous video conference session that ICT staff monitor when school staff connect in for support 
  • A closed social media group 
  • Remote desktop tools eg: LogMeIn; Team Viewer; MS Remote Desktop 
  • Provide a list of support options for those items not covered by the IT Team eg: Geeks to You 
  • Load a remote support tool eg: LogMeIn; Remote Desktop; etc to provide staff with on screen support but set clear guidelines about usage  
  • Proactively provide access logs where helpful eg: student usage of LMS  
  • Provide a central phone number; messenger service or chat line 
  • Establish hours of operation 
  • Have an escalation pathway for critical incidents eg: service outages ie: Twitter channel  

Scheduling just in time professional learning programs to assist staff to embrace remote learning with confidence. Consider: 

  • Survey staff about their professional learning needs 
  • Provide template page layouts and re-usable resources  
  • Develop a schedule of pressers and topics  
  • Live webinars covering specific tools and strategies  
  • Develop a catalogue of all online learning resources (ClickView; Mathletics; Stile; Ebsco; etc) available for staff and/or students to use to support their teaching and learning. Consider asking Library staff to combine online subscription information egProgram : Blurb : Student access information : Support : URL 

Device Considerations: 

  • Will all students have access to a suitable device with appropriate software and access to school resources? 
  • For students without devices, consider opening up a device loan program for students utilising devices from school at home. Consider accounts in use; privacy; breakage coverage; etc.