Learning from Home - Technology Tools

Online learning tools are programs, applications, or technology that can enhance a teacher's ability to present information and a student's ability to access that information. The majority of these digital tools are already available to teachers to enhance learning in the classroom.

  Remote Learning Tools

Enhance the lessons you create for your students and gain new skills in the delivery of teaching outside of the classroom with these remote learning tools.


Create infographics, posters etc. from templates
Free resource that enables individuals and teams to develop infographics, posters, documents, presentations, Instagram posts, brochures and logos.


Canvas Instructor Guide - Table of Contents
Using Canvas? Want to know how to do something?


How to use Edpuzzle
How to use Edpuzzle. Edpuzzle allows teachers to insert questions and content into videos from YouTube etc.

eTop Technology, Inc.

OneNote for Beginners
Microsoft OneNote - Very simple tutorial for beginners using Microsoft OneNote


Google Meets
How to Keep Students from Joining or Rejoining a Google Meet without Teacher

Chromebook accessibility tools for distance learning
Using Chromebook's built-in accessibility features

Google's Ask an Expert
This is the Australian and New Zealand Google EDU Community Teacher Support site


Using annotation, Hypothesis enables sentence-level note taking or critiquing on top of classroom reading, news, blogs, scientific articles, books and more. Hypothesis is waiving all fees to educational institutions for the remainder of 2020, and will evaluate whether to extend this as the current situation develops.


Teachers: Get Kahoot! Premium for free
Kahoot is providing free access to Kahoot premium for teachers and schools. With Kahoot! Premium, educators can use advanced question types, collaborate with colleagues, and access in-depth reports, which can be used for formative assessment.


Microsoft Teams Webinar
Free webinars to show educators how to they can use Microsoft teams as a digital hub. The site contains a mix of recorded webinars on demand and scheduled webinars.

Learn, Do and Share
Site is designed for families and encourages them to "Learn, Do and Share." Activities suitable for teachers. Activities are split into 3 age groups (3-6 years, 6-9 years, 9-12 years) and include learning about family history, planets, AI and more.


How to create and manage Padlet
Padlet is an online virtual bulletin board where students and teachers can collaborate, reflect, share links and pictures in a secure location.

Pymble Ladies' College

Overview of using Teams for Online Learning
Pymble Ladies' College's overview of the features and functions of MS Teams. A range of training videos and tutorials produced internally at the College and also produced outside of the College to help extend thinking, learning and skill in using MS Teams.

Using SeeSaw to deliver a lesson
Pymble Ladies' College's guide to using SeeSaw in the classroom.


Free Virtual 30 Minute One-On-One Coaching Sessions from Apple
Virtual one-on-one coaching sessions with Apple Professional Learning Specialists are available for free to help educators hone their approach to online student learning and workflows. Select a date and 30 minute time slot below to register for a virtual coaching session.

Apple Education Learning Series
A series of videos supporting schools and educators with remote learning resources


Designing assessment for an online environment

This site developed by the UNSW explores some of the approaches that can be considered and adopted by schools to administer authentic assessments that minimise the opportunity for cheating and plagiarism.

  Collaboration Tools

Collaboration is globally recognised as one of the essential skills students require for 21st century learning. Find technology tools that can be included in your teaching to support your students’ collaborative learning experiences.


A beginner's guide to Google Drive
Google Drive is a file storage service developed by Google. Users can store files on their servers, synchronize files across devices and share files. If your school does not use Google’s platform, as a private user you still get enough free storage to manage your classes.

Beginning to use Google Docs
Google Docs can be created and are stored in Google Drive.
Docs is a free Web-based application. Files can be accessed from any computer over the Internet using any browser. Multiple users can edit the same document at the same time.

Beginning to use Google Sheets
Google Sheets can be created and are stored in Google Drive.
Like Docs, Sheets is free, Web-based, accessed from any computer over the Internet using any browser and can be edited by multiple users at the same time.

Google Sites
Build beautiful sites with collaborators. Intuitive interface.


Microsoft Teams
Use to store files and collaborate with team members or your class. Create and upload files, communicate with students, organise group work and more.

Microsoft Sway
Sway is a free app from Microsoft Office that helps gather, format, and share reports, newsletters, web pages, and presentations. It is interactive and web-based and allows for collaboration.

Collaborate with others in Word, Excel or PowerPoint
If you share a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document with someone, they will receive an email link that opens the document in a browser. If anyone else is working on the document, you'll see their presence and the changes they're making.

Fostering a dynamic remote learning environment with student-centred tools
A series from Microsoft helping teachers with:

  • Remote learning through Microsoft Teams and Office 365
  • Building student/teacher connections in a remote learning environment, and
  • Supporting equity in a remote learning environment

Explore maths with Desmos
Graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more – for free!


Padlet is a free 30 day application and then plans start from $12.00p/m. Padlet allows lessons and content to be created on the platform as early as Year 1.


Getting started with VideoAnt
VideoAnt allows users (students) to comment on a video. Individual students or a group (class) can be notified of the requirement to annotate the video.

  Screen Recording

Find quick screen recording guides to develop content for your students’ learning from home lessons or for your school community.


Record your screen in QuickTime Player on Mac
How to record your Mac computer screen using software you already have.

Reduce video size on iOS
Make your iPhone or iPad videos smaller (so they are easier to share).

Screen recording on a Mac
A simple video guide to screen recording using a Mac computer


Use PowerPoint, Stream and/or Forms to create engaging and interactive videos
Microsoft video resource shows how to take an existing PowerPoint and create interactive videos for your students.

Pymble Ladies' College

Pre-recording & Screen Recording
Guide to screen recording on various devices


Record your screen directly from the Chrome browser, or on a Chromebook with Screencastify.

Screencastify allows for free recording for up to 5 mins in length.


NSW PD Day Webinar Recordings
Let’s get agile! Learn how to prepare for blended lesson delivery in a primary/high school school setting

Learning from home with Chrome OS
Are you seeking to recycle and get an even longer life span out of your computers? If so, view this webinar as Google and NeverWare provide an overview of the innovative way that NeverWare turns most old devices and operating systems into a Chrome OS.

You’ll hear about a special introductory offer and a discounted pricing opportunity. A great way to re-purpose older devices and make them useful for staff and students alike.

Microsoft Teams Webinar: IT Admin - Online Education; Governance and Lifecycle Management 
Education Technology Specialist, Georgina Siggins, covers a range of topics for IT Admins in independent schools including:

  • Teams: Enabling and Deploying
  • Planning for Governance: managing policies and security
  • Things to consider: common 
  • Education settings and practices
  • Automating for Scale: tools to automate the lifecycle of Teams

Learning from Home with Google for Education 30.04.20

Learning from Home with Microsoft Teams 
01.04.2020 View webinar here

Learning from Home with Adobe Creative Cloud 
03.04.2020 View webinar here