Learning from Home - Webinars

Whole School

Learning from Home for Schools K-6

Hear from teachers from three schools who began early trials of teaching their students remotely.

Learning from Home for Schools 7-12

We identified five schools who had been trialling teaching their students remotely, and invited these teachers to share what they had learnt and what they would do differently.

Learning from Home in K-2

How to design meaningful learning opportunities for K-2 students who are learning from home? It is challenging! Listen to teachers as they share their journey.

Learning from Home in 3-6

Listen to teachers from a diverse range of schools share their experiences of designing for home learning – What’s worked in their context? What will they keep when students return to school again?

K-12 Wellbeing Considerations: Pre/Post return to on-campus learning

This webinar hosted by AISNSW Wellbeing consultants in October 2021 shares wellbeing approaches, considerations, resources and support for whole-school wellbeing when preparing for a return to on-campus learning. 

Wellbeing K-12

This webinar involves panellists from diverse K-12 independent school contexts sharing approaches and strategies for whole-school wellbeing when moving to a learning from home environment. 



This webinar provides the opportunity to learn from other PDHPE teachers from different school contexts who share how they prepared and delivered PDHPE at home learning experiences for their students.

The Virtual Music Classroom

Explore the innovative ways Music teachers are engaging their students in authentic learning via the virtual Music classroom.

K-12 Creative Arts: Dance

This webinar involves panellists from NESA, AISNSW and member schools. Changes to assessment for this year’s cohort of Year 12 Dance students and ideas for supporting Dance when learning and home and transitioning back to learning on campus are included in the 60-minute presentation.

7-12 Creative Arts: Visual Arts

Listen to creative ideas and approaches illustrating how to leverage technology in the teaching of Visual Arts remotely

7-12 Creative Arts: Drama

This webinar provides an opportunity to consider how to adapt your program to teach Drama to an online learning environment.

Science 7 - 12

This webinar provides the opportunity to hear from Science teachers who share their experiences of designing Learning from Home - What’s worked in their context? What will they continue doing when students return to school again?

Supporting Students with Additional Needs in Stage 6

For students with additional needs, the final years of school can be an exciting milestone, however, it can also present some challenges. In this webinar, we discuss the flexibility and supports available for students in Stage 6, particularly in Year 12 to meet the requirements to gain their HSC credential.


NSW PD Day Webinar Recordings
Let’s get agile! Learn how to prepare for blended lesson delivery in a primary/high school school setting

Learning from home with Chrome OS
Are you seeking to recycle and get an even longer life span out of your computers? If so, view this webinar as Google and NeverWare provide an overview of the innovative way that NeverWare turns most old devices and operating systems into a Chrome OS.

You’ll hear about a special introductory offer and a discounted pricing opportunity. A great way to re-purpose older devices and make them useful for staff and students alike.

Microsoft Teams Webinar: IT Admin - Online Education; Governance and Lifecycle Management 
Education Technology Specialist, Georgina Siggins, covers a range of topics for IT Admins in independent schools including:

  • Teams: Enabling and Deploying
  • Planning for Governance: managing policies and security
  • Things to consider: common 
  • Education settings and practices
  • Automating for Scale: tools to automate the lifecycle of Teams

Learning from Home with Google for Education 30.04.20

Learning from Home with Microsoft Teams 
01.04.2020 View webinar here

Learning from Home with Google for Education 30.04.20