Health and Safety Alert - Asbestos in mineral kits

A safety alert  has been released by the Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities to advise of the reported presence of asbestos rock samples contained in some "mineral kits" purchased by schools. These kits have been sold throughout Australia and continue to be available for sale online. 

 Some mineral kits have been found to contain asbestos under a variety of names, including serpentine, amosite, tremolite and chrysotile, occasionally referred to by the name of leucotile. Some earlier mineral kits (dating from the 1970's) produced by the former Geological Specimen Supplies company may also contain asbestos. The "Lustre" mineral kits may include the blue asbestos mineral crocidolite as an example of fibrous lustre.  

The safety alert provides information on what do  with these samples if you identify them in the school and where to get further information.