ELEVATE: Agile design for high potential learners

ELEVATE is a multi-year, cross-sectoral program that commenced in 2015. It was conceptualised and initiated by AISNSW with funding provided by the Australian Government and aligns to specific objectives of the Students First reform agenda: to improve the quality of teaching and learning, meet student needs and empower school leadership.

ELEVATE utilises disciplined innovation methods and the collective efficacy of educators to respond to the apparent underperformance of Australia’s top students. The program supports school leaders and teachers to combine ‘public’ knowledge – the research and evidence base – with ‘practitioner’ knowledge – the experience of school leaders and teachers – to create, test, refine and implement new and more rigorous learning and teaching models and practices.

The ELEVATE program offers three levels of participation:

The Community of Practice is a collaborative endeavour which respects the autonomy and diversity of each school. It is a facilitated network of schools with a shared commitment to meeting the needs of high potential learners. Applications for the Community of Practice are now closed.

The Community of Engagement is for those schools who are excited by ELEVATE and see themselves as potential adopters or adapters of the practices developed by schools in the Community of Practice. While schools in the Communities of Engagement and Interest do not receive support from AISNSW ELEVATE consultants, there are a range of ways to become involved. Opportunities for schools in the Community of Engagement might include attendance at a workshop, and interaction with and the review of drafts, plans, designs and outputs emerging from the Community of Practice.

The ELEVATE Community of Interest is for other schools, individual teachers and school leaders, parents, students and organisations that are interested in ELEVATE. Community of Interest members are kept informed, predominantly through online and social media, of the practices and some tools and resources developed through ELEVATE.

Throughout the course of ELEVATE, opportunities are created to enable the sharing of program learnings with all educators. Follow us on Twitter @aisnswELEVATE and join the conversation.

Contact Sharon Cheers, Division Head School Innovation for further information on support for innovating process for High Potential Learners.

Sharon Cheers 

Division Head: School Innovation


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