Science & Technology Research to Practice Initiative

Nationally and internationally, there is ongoing support for improvement at school level with regards to the teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Inspirational teaching in STEM subjects, including primary Science & Technology, with high quality and relevant teacher training and subject-specific professional learning is considered a critical element of education and training to ensure Australia’s continued prosperity by preparing a skilled and dynamic STEM workforce (Office of the Chief Scientist, 2014). 

In 2015, AISNSW commissioned research addressing the broad question, “What characterizes quality teaching and learning in primary science and technology?” and ever since, has been working with teams of primary teachers to translate the research into classroom practice. 

Using the Spiral of Inquiry framework to shift thinking and practice, teachers investigate what is happening for all learners and look beyond aspects of academic learning that are easily measured to non-academic attributes, dispositions and proficiencies that are of equal important in enhancing learning outcomes.  Teachers collaborate to inquire deeply into the problems and opportunities for the students in their contexts, cross-referencing the data collected with the latest educational research in Science and Technology teaching and learning.  The focus then is on teachers using a research base to develop new learning and actions, thereby enhancing the experience that learners have. 

 Contact: Kelly Borg

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