NGS Super National Virtual Debating

The NGS Super National Virtual Debating competition runs  from March to November each year. The competition is open to all schools across Australia for students in years 5-12 across the following divisions.

  • Primary School Division (Year 5+6 Students)
  • Junior School Division (Year 7+8 Students)
  • Middle School Division (Year 9+10)
  • Senior School Division (Year 11+12/Open)

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Why Virtual Debating?

The NGS Super National Virtual Debating competition is a great way for your students to test their skills against schools from all over the country.
Every school in every state and territory across Australia is eligible to compete and may enter up to two teams in each division.
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How does it work

Each division consists of 32 teams and is split into eight groups of four. School coordinators then arrange matchups with each of the teams in their group over term 2 and term 3 at a time that suits both teams. The top 2 teams from each division progress to the knockout stage in term 4.
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2021 Competition

Information for school coordinators and spectators including competition rules, guidelines, draws and tables
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2021 Competition Registrations

Registrations for the 2021 competition are now open. There will be four 32 team divisions available to enter:

  • Primary School Division (Year 5 + 6 students)
  • Junior School Division (Year 7 + 8 students)
  • Middle School Division (Year 9 + 10 students)
  • Senior School Division (Year 11 + 12 students)

The competition is split into two stages:

  1. Group stage (each team will coordinate one match against each of the teams in their group): Terms 2 and 3
  2. Knockout stage (the top two teams from each group will progress to the Knockout stage): Term 4

Schools may nominate up to two teams in each division (though depending on numbers may only be allocated one).

Entry per team in 2021 will be $225 GST Incl. Placements will be confirmed in early March and a link will be sent out for schools to pay for their nominations once this is confirmed. Payment is by Credit Card only.

Please us the forms below under each division to nominate teams. If you wish to nominate teams across multiple divisions please complete a form for each division you are entering.

Positions will be filled in order they are received (schools nominating a second team in a single division will only be offered the spot if the division does not fill up). If a division is full you will be notified that you are on a waiting list and may be offered a position if other teams withdraw.

Before you nominate, please read the competition rules and guidelines to ensure you understand and can meet the requirements of the competition.