Policy and Compliance Resources

The following information is a brief guide to the use of the individual policy documents and their guidelines that are provided for NSW and ACT Member schools.

Some of the policy documents are intended to be provided directly to staff (e.g. code of conduct) for their understanding and direction, whereas the related guideline documents are intended for use as informative background for the purposes of informing the school head, executive and its board to better understand the specific topic area, the intention of the policy’s content and their legal obligations.

The AIS understands that schools will adopt these policies as their own and place them on letterhead with use of their school name throughout.  It is important that schools realise that the policy documents have been drafted with particular outcomes and legislation in mind. If the school wishes to make changes or edit the content in these documents we recommend that the school contacts the AIS to seek advice. Please note the documents are not provided to you as legal advice and may be only one tool by which a school can meet its legislative obligations.