Commonwealth, State and Territory education ministers have agreed that the annual National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests will move from pen and paper to online testing.

A final decision about when to transition to NAPLAN Online for NSW will be made after the August to September readiness tests. NSW may review its transition timetable based on the experiences of the other states and territories.

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) acts as the NSW NAPLAN Test Administration Authority. NESA is working with the Association of Independent Schools of NSW, the Catholic Education Commission and the Department of Education to coordinate the move to NAPLAN online for all NSW schools.

NAPLAN Online School Readiness Test

A major activity to prepare schools to move from pen and paper testing is the NAPLAN Online School Readiness Test being held between 14th August and 22nd September 2017.

From August principals will be sent welcome packs for the School Readiness Test from NESA. Please note that although all schools will receive these welcome packs, only those schools which have passed the technical readiness assessment, registered a test window and participated in training will take part in the SRT.

Principals can expect to receive an email to register on the SRT platform and a package with a Guide for Principals and two Test administrator handbook for teachers. Principals will also receive a letter containing the grid cards which will be needed to register the Principal and any NAPLAN Coordinators on the SRT platform.

Schools that have successfully completed the technical readiness tool and their staff have attended training are encouraged to participate in the SRT where possible NESA have established a helpdesk to support schools during the school readiness test. If schools are experiencing technical issues with the platform, or if you are not sure when your test time has been scheduled, please contact the helpdesk at 1300 119 556 or naplan.nsw@nesa.nsw.edu.au.

AISNSW is available to assist NSW independent schools with questions or issues they may have in relation to the readiness test. Useful links and resources for NSW independent schools have been collected on this page, which will be updated regularly. 

Schools are welcome to contact the AISNSW NAPLAN Online team at NAPLANOnline@aisnsw.edu.au 

School Readiness Test - refresher resource

For staff who attended in-person training in July or August, a refresher module is available. Participating in this module will not entitle you to any additional hours of registered PD. To access this module, please click here 

Please note: if your school was unable to participate in the in-person training sessions for the SRT, the content covered in the refresher module will not be enough to prepare you to participate in the SRT. Please contact NAPLANOnline@aisnsw.edu.au to discuss your circumstances.

NAPLAN Online Information