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Road Safety Education (RSE) in schools aims to prepare and equip children and young people with the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes that will enable them to stay safe in and around different traffic environments.

Funded by Transport for NSW, AISNSW shares in a partnership with Catholic Schools NSW, Department of Education, and Kids and Traffic (the Early Childhood Road Safety Education Program at Macquarie University) to support the delivery of road safety education by providing resources and professional learning to teachers in independent schools throughout NSW.

AISNSW's Approach to RSE

Road Safety Education (RSE) in schools plays a major role in shaping students’ attitudes and behaviours as responsible drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. AISNSW is committed to supporting teachers to implement quality RSE in their classrooms and schools. Since RSE in schools commenced in 1986, there has been greatly improved awareness amongst young people of ways in which they can stay safe on and around roads. RSE is embedded in both the NSW PDHPE K-10 and Stage 6 syllabuses. In addition, there are further opportunities for RSE messages to be addressed through a school’s Student Wellbeing Program, whole-school activities such as assemblies as well as through a range of other subjects such as English, Mathematics, Geography and Science & Technology.

Customised School-Based Workshops

The AIS offers schools the opportunity to select from a number of school-based professional learning workshops. These focus on current curriculum issues and are designed to support teachers to incorporate RSE effectively into teaching and learning. Each workshop is flexible and can be customised to help meet the needs of schools. All workshops are typically up to 2 hours in duration, are funded by Transport for NSW and are provided at no cost to schools.

An Introduction to Virtual Reality through Road Safety Education

K-6 and 7-12

This hands-on workshop is for teachers who have heard of Virtual Reality (VR) but have little or no understanding of what this is or how it may impact teaching and learning in the future. During this workshop teachers will explore and create immersive experiences that focus on road safety at their school and view these using very affordable VR headsets.  For every two teachers attending the workshop, a computer and an Android or iPhone is required. Please contact John Clear for further information.

Road Safety Resource Exploration 

K-6 and 7-12

This hands-on workshop is for teachers who wish to explore the range of RSE resources for their classrooms. During this workshop, participants will be introduced to and utilise a variety of road safety resources and explore how they can be used to enhance learning and engage students. By request, this workshop can also include the use of iPads or interactive whiteboards.

Exploring Texts in English through Road Safety 


The NSW Syllabus for the Australian curriculum English K-6 specifies that students will study a range of texts that vary in mode (spoken, print, visual, digital, media and multimedia) and type (imaginative, informative and persuasive). In this workshop, teachers will explore ways in which RSE resources may be used to embed examples of each mode and type of text within their programming and planning across Early Stage 1 – Stage 3.

Online Modules

These online modules are provided at no cost to NSW independent school teachers through Transport for NSW under the School Road Safety Education Programme.

#Safe2StepOut: Teaching Road Safety in K-6
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Green Means Go! Stage 4 and 5 Road Safety Resource Exploration
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Stage 6 PDHPE - Health Promotion on the Roads
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Professional Learning


Transport for NSW, in partnership with all NSW education sectors, has developed resources to support teachers to plan, program and teach RSE in their schools.

Safety Town: Road Safety Education K-6

Developed by the Centre for Road Safety at Transport for NSW, Safety Town is a suite of digital and non-digital teaching and learning activities to support the teaching of RSE from Kindergarten to Year 6. The website includes interactive activities, comprehensive teaching notes, links to relevant transport information, and updated information for parents and carers to assist them in reinforcing road safety messages and concepts that are taught at school.

Safety Town Website

On The Move: Road Safety Education 7-12

On the Move is a repository for all secondary school RSE resources. The website has RSE material for teachers, students and families to complement the Years 7-10 PDHPE, student wellbeing and Stage 6 English programs. These are: 

  • Road Risks – Your Choice (Years 7 and 8 PDHPE) 
  • Shifting Gears (Years 9 and 10 PDHPE) 
  • Limiting Risks, Protecting Lives: Choices for novices drivers and their passengers (Year 10 and senior wellbeing programs) 
  • In the Driver’s Seat: The nature of authority (Year 11 Preliminary HSC English) 
  • Information and lesson activities about Mobile Drug Testing

On the Move website

Kindergarten Orientation Kits and Other Free Materials from Transport for NSW’s Centre for Road Safety

The NSW Centre for Road Safety online catalogue allows teachers and parents to place orders for free copies of: 

  • Kindergarten Orientation Day Packs 
  • Safety Town Flyers and Posters 
  • Safety Town Books 
  • Kids & Traffic Road Signs and Stickers

Click here to download instructions for ordering materials

Click here for Transport for NSW’s Centre for Road Safety Resources 

AISNSW Road Safety Facebook Group

AISNSW's Facebook group, Road Safety Education – AISNSW, is regularly updated with information and news relevant to RSE in independent schools. Please join our group to receive the latest news and information.


AISNSW Pinterest Boards for K-6

Go to AISNSW’s Pinterest Board for PDHPE K-6 resources, including a wealth of resources for RSE in primary schools. Please follow us so that you can access these resources quickly whenever you need them.

AISNSW Pinterest Board: K-6 PDHPE

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