ELEVATE Insights Series

The Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AISNSW) is proud to present the ELEVATE INSIGHTS Series to celebrate the valuable learning from our work with outstanding educators from all school sectors as they transformed learning experiences for Australia’s most able students.

The three ELEVATE INSIGHTS publications are connected and document the overarching learning of school teams that participated in ELEVATE: Agile design for high potential learners. ELEVATE commenced with a Case for Change and supported school leaders to use a disciplined innovation process to redesign practice for high potential learners.

Complementary professional learning resources have been created to help ‘spark possibilities’ for other educators.

Our Invitation

The ELEVATE INSIGHTS Series is an invitation to all educators to: imagine new possibilities for high potential learners feel supported in your effort to innovate for the future stimulate and enrich professional conversations and actions within and across schools. We invite you to share these publications and resources generously with your colleagues across all school sectors.

ELEVATE: Agile Design For High Potential Learners

ELEVATE was a multiyear initiative from 2015 through to 2018 involving leading educators that explicitly focused on advancing the national conversation around how best to identify and challenge high potential learners, and how to design and implement practices to address the needs of such learners, including gifted students, now and into the future.

Using a disciplined innovation approach, schools were empowered to explore their context and create adaptive learning environments that focused on deepening and extending their students’ abilities and achievements in academic areas and beyond. ELEVATE participant access is available here.

The design of the ELEVATE program incorporated three core components:

Elevate the learning opportunities for high potential learners and unleash their potential;

Collaborate as a profession and use collective wisdom to design practices and models that have an impact;

Innovate “next practices” by using innovation methods and design thinking.