Community Cohesion:

Developing whole-school approaches to belonging, resilience and respect

The Community Cohesion project is designed to support Independent schools strengthen whole-school approaches to belonging, resilience and respect to counter anti-social and violent extremist behaviours.

Signs of a strong, cohesive school community include:

  • A safe and respectful learning environment.
  • Strong intercultural capabilities that foster inclusion, and acceptance of difference.
  • Critical thinking and digital intelligence.
  • Every member feels valued and has a voice.
  • Celebrating our diverse community.
  • Engaged families and the local community.
  • Resilient communities that can work together for a positive future.

Community Cohesion in action

Phil Roberts and Osman Karolia share their successful community cohesion programs video snippet

 (Note: Video currently being edited)

AISNSW Support

The AISNSW Community Cohesion Team can offer your school:

  • Collaborative support from an AISNSW consultant assigned to your school to set goals and enact action plans for your school to evaluate and then modify your strategies.
  • Professional learning, both face-to-face and online.
  • Incident-specific plans for response and recovery.
  • Advice about potential threats impacting your school community.
  • Guidance with designing whole-school initiatives to enhance cohesion.
  • Immediate response and recovery support in the event of an incident.

Responding to an Incident

AISNSW Community Cohesion Team can help schools prepare for and respond to serious incidents that are anti-social and extremist in nature.

In the event of a serious incident or threat

  1. Call 000 in the event of immediate threat or danger
  2. Call AISNSW to clarify concerns and seek support about the incident.
  3. Call the School Safety and Response hotline when behaviour is both anti-social and extremist for reporting and to access complex case-management support
  4. Maintain contact with AISNSW Community Cohesion team for ongoing support including recovery

Professional Learning opportunities to enhance Community Cohesion

AISNSW can deliver bespoke PL sessions to schools. These include:

  • Identifying and responding to anti-social and extremist behaviours
  • Spaces to belong- the link between belonging and community cohesion in online spaces
  • Fostering inclusive classrooms and school communities through intercultural understanding
  • Countering disinformation through critical thinking and digital literacy
  • Working with CAL/D communities
  • Fostering Powerful partnerships with families and communities
  • Practical planning- embedding opportunities to foster community cohesion in curriculum and beyond


AISNSW Community Cohesion team have produced seven online Professional Learning modules to help schools develop more cohesive communities and enhance belonging and resilience. These are:

  • Community Cohesion and Extremism
  • Recognising and responding to anti-social and extremist behaviour.
  • A whole school approach to community cohesion (for leaders)
  • Planning for recovery (for leaders)
  • Spaces to belong
  • From the classroom out
  • Powerful partnerships

 These modules are free to access for all Independent Schools 

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