Strategic Reviews

The school review service provided by the AISNSW recognises that independent schools may wish to use a body external to the school to review certain aspects of its operations. 

Chris Duncan
Head: Governance

Review Categories

Most reviews utilise staff from the AIS but it is not uncommon to partner with other professional bodies or individuals to enhance the outcome of the review. this is always done in conjunction with the school. 

Underpinning any review is the recognition of the interplay between legislative and regulatory requirements, strategic planning and organisational culture, structures and systems and the impact these have on the capacity of a school to achieve its goals.

Typically a review will result in a written report to the school and where required and appropriate a briefing of the school executive or school board or school staff.

School reviews are offered on a fee for service basis by negotiation with the principal or the principal's delegate. 

Reviews typically fall into the following categories:

  • Departmental (KLA)
  • Wellbeing
  • Structural
  • Financial
  • ICT
  • Facilities
  • Staffing