Mapping Student Addresses

Seeing a map of where your students live can be a powerful resource, and it is often the first step for targeting demographic and other data needs. Maps can identify your school catchment and visualise where students live. Large amounts of data can be quickly understood, and patterns can be immediately seen when demographic and other data is added to your student addresses in a map.

The Evidence Institute can map (geocode) your student addresses and provide this powerful information to you in the format that best fits. We can prepare maps visualising where your students live to include in reports, PowerPoint presentations, or other options such as interactive pdfs, Google Earth files, or your own mapping software. This member service enables your school to begin using the power of maps for decision making.

The Evidence Institute Data Repository

There is much data publicly available to assist your school. However, finding and processing this is very time consuming. The Evidence Institute’s Data Repository includes a comprehensive range of community demographic and school-related datasets. Data includes ABS annual births and population trends, ABS population census datasets, Australian Early Development Index, MySchool, and government population forecasts. The data repository is provided as a member service.

Demographic Reports and Presentations

There are times when understanding demographic information pertinent to your school is crucial. The Evidence Institute can prepare reports or presentations which provide clarity to help inform school decision making. Demographic Profiles are our premium option. After discussing your needs and expectations for the demographic report, we will map and analyse your enrolments and school catchment, and summarise demographic and enrolment factors in a concise, readable report or presentation. Support for data interpretation can be provided.

Funding Analysis

Government funding has become more complicated with the introduction of the Australian Education Act and the Direct Measure of Income (DMI) as a replacement for SES. AISNSW conducts Annual Briefings each year to assist schools in understanding the impact of government funding on their school. From time to time, schools require additional support regarding aspects of their funding arrangements. AISNSW can assist you and your Business Manager. This support is provided at no cost to member and non-member independent schools.