Opportunities out of Remote Learning

Schools and educators continue to be faced with unprecedented challenges as remote learning, in varying degrees and for different students, becomes more prevalent practice due to COVID-19. The Evidence Institute continues to explore these challenges and their impacts on the future needs of educators as they adapt to different ways of meeting individual learners needs.  

A range of initiatives are being undertaken to better understand the experiences of educators and to identify and design targeted support.

Where are we now?

Where are we now? Opportunities Infographic looks at the pedagogies and digital learning practices that have been explored in support of student learning during the remote learning periods and that are still being used today.

Where are we now? Teaching and Learning Infographic looks at the approaches to teaching and learning and wellbeing that were explored in support of student learning during the remote learning periods and that are still being used today.

Digital Learning Practices - Case Study Series

The Evidence Institute has collaborated with researchers at the University of Technology Sydney to develop a suite of case studies. These will identify effective and innovative digital practices, as well as factors influencing their successful and inclusive enactment.
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AISNSW Remote Learning Survey

The AISNSW Remote Learning Survey was completed in June 2020 by almost 1000 NSW independent school educators. The survey focused on a range of themes including:

  • preparedness for a move to remote and blended learning
  • areas around which educators would like more support
  • positive outcomes arising from the period of remote learning
  • the use of platforms and technologies
  • considerations for learning design.

This infographic provides and overview of the key insights and findings from the survey.

Remote Learning: Rapid Literature Review (AISNSW and ACER)

The Remote Learning: Rapid Literature Review identifies effective practice in remote learning and synthesises key evidence relevant to the COVID-19 disruption.

Key areas covered in the literature review include:

  • quality teaching and learning in blended, distance or remote learning design
  • the role of technology in education
  • the role of parents and families in remote learning
  • pedagogical models for remote learning
  • impacts and implications for education in emergencies.

This work forms part of a broader research partnership between The Evidence Institute and the Australian Council for Educational Research.

Reflections from Remote Learning

The evidence Institute is exploring the future needs of educators as they adapt to remote learning and the impacts of COVID-19, writes Dr Rachel Perry.

Reflections from Remote Learning: Outcomes, Adapt, Create

In part 2 of the Remote Learning Survey series, DR RACHEL PERRY discusses how educators upskilled in digital learning, developed greater collegiality and experienced greater professional respect.

Moving Beyond Remote Learning

As schools and communities navigate the unprecedented circumstances presented by the pandemic, they continue to encounter unique challenges requiring them to identify and adopt new ways of supporting their learners.