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Implementing classroom practices to support girls in co-ed Islamic schools

As Green Valley Islamic College expands and reinvents itself as Minarah College we are refreshing our curriculum with Deep Learning pedagogy and renewing a focus on student well-being. Our teachers are also taking time to reflect on the College’s Islamic values, and to connect them to the challenges ahead. The focus of our AIS research project is our upper primary girls. By surveying and interviewing these girls, their parents, and their teachers, we will better understand how their deep learning journey and growth as confident Muslim women can complement and enhance each other. 

As teachers, we will examine our gender biases around communication and personal growth. This is to ensure that girls can value and own their learning experiences, and to see through those experiences a future of personal and professional fulfilment in harmony with their community. To provide a focus for our reflections, our research project centres on a practical need: we are creating an after-school club to raise funds for a girl’s only Wudu area. This will give all the women and girls involved a space to develop and model problem solving, teamwork and leadership, while providing a concrete benefit to the College community and their own participation in it.

Fiona Robbie
Jessica Whiteoak
Marwa Abdallah
Shaabreen Shah
Trizzalyn Prasad

School Based Research Projects

Each year member schools in NSW are invited to apply for funding and support to conduct a two year School Based Research Project. Successful projects are awarded in areas of education which ultimately impact student outcomes and make substantial contributions to new insights in and beyond individual schools. These Projects aim to build research capacity and cultures of research engagement in practicing teachers and/or school leaders in the independent sector.

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