Compass: Navigating Whole-School Wellbeing

Why get involved?

Compass: Navigating Whole-school Wellbeing is a 12 month initiative that will support your school to identify and implement evidence-based, whole-school, proactive wellbeing approaches that foster safe, supportive and respectful environments so that wellbeing outcomes are enhanced for your students now and in the future.

Compass Outcomes

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What to Expect

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How it works

AISNSW consultants will walk alongside you over an extended period, using a collaborative action model, to help your school navigate and strengthen foundational elements of whole-school wellbeing based on your school’s contextual needs.
The initiative includes:

  • a customised consultancy model, where AISNSW specialist consultants support school-based teams as they:
    • review current practices, identify strengths and develop wellbeing goals
    • co-design an evidence-based, proactive whole-school approach to wellbeing
    • implement context specific initiatives and strategies
    • engage in ongoing evaluation and reflection to ensure sustainability
  • professional learning (face-to-face and online) targeted at wellbeing leaders and school staff to engage the
    school community, including students and families, in whole-school wellbeing approaches
  • opportunities to connect with other schools through networked learning communities so that learnings and
    best practice can be shared
  • internationally respected academics as partners for the initiative and to collaborate with AISNSW
    consultants to provide expert input at network meetings
  • an annual evaluation will provide objective and timely feedback about the implementation and impact of
    the project over time and will create a knowledge base to disseminate the learnings to the wider education

Compass: Navigating Whole-school Wellbeing is an 12-month initiative using a co-contribution model through which schools contribute $8,000 (+GST) and commit to releasing staff throughout the duration of the initiative in addition to a dedicated team to lead the school in transformational change. AISNSW will provide consultancy support and access to a suite of resources, processes and professional learning within the Compass cohort.

*This initiative is partially funded by the Australian Government through the Choice and Affordability Fund.

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