AISNSW provides a wide range of services and support for schools in the area of student and teacher wellbeing, the main areas of which are described below.

School Projects

Independent schools can apply for Student Wellbeing funding of up to $3000 to conduct projects which support the promotion of student wellbeing within the school.

Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Support

AISNSW is committed to assisting independent schools to provide a safe and supportive environment for all students – one that incorporates positive mental health and student wellbeing outcomes.

Wellbeing News

Crisis and Issues Management

AISNSW offers advice and responsive support to schools when communities face significant consequences due to extreme weather, natural disasters, accidents, injuries and death, epidemiological health risks and other events that severely impact normal operations of teaching and learning.
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Professional Learning

The AISNSW supports schools to promote student wellbeing through a number of strategies including:
- Courses and Conferences delivered by the AISNSW
- Consultancies
- Customised professional learning is available on site at schools for their staff.
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Student Wellbeing News

Sudent Wellbeing News is a newsletter sent to teachers who register their interest each term. We invite all teachers within independent schools to engage with this source of information as an exciting means of professional discourse and welcome any contributions from colleagues in schools. Select 'student wellbeing' as an area of interest on your AISNSW profile and you will be included on the distribution list.

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