AISNSW Igniting Learning Lab 2019

AISNSW Designing for Deep Learning presents the inaugural Igniting Learning Lab. Join world-class experts and passionate educators for a day focusing on how students ignite their own learning.

Learn from the very best, as internationally acclaimed researcher and author Professor Guy Claxton explores how ‘every lesson, every day’ shapes the way students see themselves as learners. Explore the impact of a school where ‘learning power is at the centre’ to consider the possibilities for your own context.

Watch: Building Learning Power Introduction

Plenary Speakers:

Jann Robinson
Principal, St Luke’s Grammar School

As the established Principal of St Luke’s Grammar, Jann is a strong advocate for young people developing dispositions. She is committed to nurturing of the whole person; seeking to encourage students to become intentional learners, take opportunities to try things outside their comfort zone and bring their skills and talents to bear within the different communities to which they belong. Hear Jann speak about the essentials for creating sustainable impactful change, the challenges of maintaining momentum and the importance of ‘keeping it fresh’.

Christine Cawsey AM FACEL
Principal, Rooty Hill High School

Christine is the current principal (1997 - ) of Rooty Hill High School, a highly successful, comprehensive secondary school in the western suburbs of Sydney, recognised as one of the Most Innovative Schools in Australia. In September 2018 Christine was invited to join the “expert panel” with Professors John Hattie and Geoff Masters to provide advice to government on implementing the Gonski 2.0 recommendations for learning progressions, formative assessment and the assessment of learning progress. Christine will share ways to think about the development and assessment of competencies and provide insights about what’s working at Rooty Hill High School.