AISNSW Igniting Learning Lab 2019

AISNSW Designing for Deep Learning presents the inaugural Igniting Learning Lab. Join world-class experts and passionate educators for a day focusing on how students ignite their own learning.

Learn from the very best, as internationally acclaimed researcher and author Professor Guy Claxton explores how ‘every lesson, every day’ shapes the way students see themselves as learners. Explore the impact of a school where ‘learning power is at the centre’ to consider the possibilities for your own context.

Watch: Building Learning Power Introduction

2019 Insight Sessions

Enjoy hands-on workshop sessions designed to provoke and stimulate discussion and collaborate with educators in the deep learning world of preparing students for life readiness using global competencies. Reflect on possibilities through Insight sessions lead by teachers, designed to spark conversation and curiosity. Be inspired as students, teachers and principals share powerful stories of expanding the learning journey in their schools.