Early Literacy Project

The AISNSW Early Literacy Project is designed to support schools to ensure teachers are equipped to teach essential literacy skills and students have access to a high-quality education where they can reach their full potential.

How Does the Project Work? 

The project runs over a school calendar year. During this time, schools access a range of resources and expertise through the AISNSW. This support is designed to become the knowledge base for instigating and nurturing sustainable changes. This is facilitated through the following project components:

Target Audience: All K-6 staff including learning support

Timeframe: Components are distributed over the school year.

Cost: Fee for service dependent upon size of school. Please contact AISNSW for costing.

AISNSW Bookmarks Now Available

The bookmarks are designed according to the five keys of reading. The five keys of reading operate dynamically to unlock effective reading. However, each is taught explicitly and systematically, carefully building and integrating the keys into a reader’s repertoire.
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