Virtual Debating: Adjudicators Guide

1. Nominating for a debate

In 2019, Adjudicators will be asked to nominate for a debate via the NGS Super Virtual Debating Website. 

As soon as a debate is scheduled it will be placed in the 'Match Centre' section of the site. Simply click on the 'Read More' button and use the 'Nominate as an Adjudicator' link on the match-up screen to nominate your availability. 

In the event that no adjudicators have nominated for a debate the AISNSW will email all adjudicators prior to the scheduled date requesting availability and interest. 

In the event no adjudicator can be assigned, the debate will be recorded and offered to the adjudicators for a post match adjudication.

2. Hosting and Adjudicating a Debate

In 2019, Adjudicators are required to host all debates as part of the adjudication requirements. Please see below for information on how to host a debate.

All relevant information, links and contacts for each debate can be found in the match-up screen via the Match Centre. From this screen you will be able to nominate your availability, obtain debate links, topic sheets, contacts and submit results.

Please use the relevant Adjudicators Reference Sheet below as a checklist during the debate to ensure the proper process is followed.

Year 5 + 6 and 7 + 8 Debating Reference Sheet

Year 9 + 10 and Open Debating Reference Sheet

Time Allowances

Junior debates (Year 5+6 and Year 7+8) should be allocated 1 hour (no preparation time)

Senior debates (Year 9+10 and Open) should be allocated 2 hours (1 hour live preparation - teams must both be visible on camera with muted microphones). You must be present to open the debate and introduce topics and maintain the connection, though you are not required to monitor the preparation time.

Speaker times:

Please use the times below for each age division. Use a clap method at each interval to indicate to speakers that their time has come to an end.

Hosting Accounts:

  • Username: | Password: Adjud1c@te | Corresponding Virtual Room: VirtualRoom1
  • Username: | Password: Adjud1c@te | Corresponding Virtual Room: VirtualRoom2
  • Username: | Password: Adjud1c@te | Corresponding Virtual Room: VirtualRoom3
  • Username: | Password: Adjud1c@te | Corresponding Virtual Room: VirtualRoom4

3. Expectation for the Adjudicator

  1. Know the rules: Familiarise yourself with the NGS Super National Virtual Debating Guide in order to understand the competition rules fully.

  2. Punctuality: Be punctual, please ensure when you are hosting a debate that the room is open 10 minutes prior to the starting time. Schools often have very strict timelines available for the debate before students are required to be elsewhere.

  3. Sick/Unavailable: If you are sick or unavailable for a debate you have been assigned please notify the AISNSW as soon as you can and arrange for another adjudicator to take your place.

  4. Scoring: Adjudicators are to score using the familiar scale - Standard Matter (40), Method (20) and Manner (20) scale plus elect a best speaker. 
    • At the completion of the debate, please deliver your verdict and then post the scores via the link in the match-up screen.

  5. Student Conduct: Student etiquette and behaviour should be monitored. Should you notice any inappropriate behaviour please report it in your match result.

4. Claiming a Payment for Debate Adjudicating

Please submit the attached forms to for processing. You may make a claim at any point once you have completed a debate.

5. Contacts

A full contact list will be available once the draw is finalised.