Virtual Debating: Coordinators Guide

School Coordinators should familiarise themselves with the information below and the Virtual Debating Guide before the competition starts. '

1. The Match Centre

All match-ups in the 2019 competition will be posted in the Match Centre. This can be accessed via the individual division pages.

The match-up screen will contain all information relevant to the running of the debate including:

  • The scheduled match-up details
  • Team contacts for negotiating
  • Time/Date nomination form (for coordinators to confirm negotiated time)
  • Debate Status (negotiating, Scheduled, Confirmed, Completed)
  • Adjudicator allocation
  • Virtual Debating Link (once debate has been confirmed)
  • Match Results

School Coordinators should refer to the Match Centre and match-up screens for all information for current and upcoming debates. It is the Coordinators responsibility to check for upcoming debates and begin the negotiation with opposing school BEFORE the round begins.

2. Negotiating a Debate

Each round has a specific start and end time, all debates in this round must be completed within this time frame. 

It is up to the school coordinators from each school to negotiate a suitable time for the debate. Once a time has been agreed upon it should be entered via the appropriate link in the match-up screen.

Please note, we have four virtual rooms available for debates at any one time. In the event where we are unable to assign you to a room you will be asked to re-negotiate another time. It may be a good idea while negotiating to nominate a backup date if possible. 

Round times/periods can be found on each of the divisions sites.

Time Zones

As this is a National initiative it is important to remember that there are a number of time zones in place, please keep these in mind when negotiating with interstate schools. All debates shown in the Match Centre will be in either AEDT (Feb - April approx) or AEST time post Daylight Savings.

Daylight Savings:

  • NT: minus 1.5 hours
  • QLD: minus 1 hour
  • SA: minus 30 minutes
  • WA: minus 3 hours

Non-Daylight Savings

  • SA and NT: minus 30 minutes
  • WA: minus 2 hours

3. Key Dates

The Key dates for the 2019 competition can be viewed on the global calendar on the Virtual Debating website. 

Key dates pertaining to each division can also be found on each divisions page. It is important as a coordinator that you are familiar with these dates as schools that are unable to negotiate their scheduled debate within the required time frame will result in a forfeit.

4. Competition Draw

The competition draw can be found on each divisions page. As soon as a match-up is confirmed on the draw it will appear in the Match Centre for you to begin negotiations for that round.

5. Connecting to a Debate

The NGS Super: National Virtual Debating Competition is run via the 'Zoom' Platform.

Your adjudicator will host the debate, so once you connect on the day, they will walk you through the sound and video checks and run through the rules of the debate.

Once your debate and been confirmed (negotiated time confirmed) the link to the debate will be posted in the match-up screen. Coordinators should:

  1. Connect to this link 24 hours before the debate in order to check the link works on the device that will be used to 'host' the debate at your school.
  2. Use this link to connect at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the debate.

Connection options:

Connecting via a desktop/laptop device

Simply click the link in the match-up screen to connect using this method.

Connecting via and encoder/codec (H323/SIP) device

  1. Dial:
  2. Enter the Meeting ID


If the Debate URL is the Meeting ID is the 10 digit number at the end.

Alternatively, you can connect directly into the debate by entering the following strings into your device:

  • Polycom Codec: [IP Address]##[Meeting ID]
  • Cisco/Tandberg Codec: [Meeting ID]@[IP Address]

6. Contacts

School NameCoordinatorEmailPhone
All Saints Grammar School - NSWClinton 9704 6437
Australian  Christian College - QLDNina 5490 6163
Bundaberg Christian College -  QLDCameron 138 076
Camberwell  Girls Grammar School - VICJane 385 733
Camberwell Girls Grammar School  - VIC (Primary Year 5+6)Nancy 792 234
Canberra  Girls Grammar School - ACTPatrick 6202 6454
Carinya Christian School - NSWAlex 716 111
Carinya  Christian School - NSW (5+6)Rob 
Central West Leadership Academy  - NSWMandi
Endeavour  Christian College - QLDCassandra 090 960
Gulf Christian College - QLDKirsty 184 193
Heritage  College, Lake Macquarie - NSWMatthew 728 060
John Paul College - QLDJulie-Anne 3826 3452
Kinross  Wolaroi School - NSWTrin 470 150
Knox Grammar School - NSWDan 601 139
Lakes  Grammar- An Anglican School - NSWAmanda 642 588
Macarthur Anglican School - NSWKaren 0422 306 381
Macarthur  Anglican School - NSWKathryn 010 498
Mamre Anglican School - NSWDominic 632 080
Marist  Regional College - TASCatherine  De 551 713
Masada College - NSWJennifer 9449 3744
Newcastle  Grammar School - NSWLisa 342 070
Newcastle Grammar School - NSWChris 227 424
Newcastle  Grammar School - NSWAmy 4929 5811
Northside Montessori School -  NSWMargaret 100 970
Oxford  Falls Grammar School - NSWRoslynne 187 364
Pittwater House School - NSWAlexandra 
Pittwater  House School - NSW (Primary Year 5+6)Bridget 047 770
PLC Armidale - NSWKatherine 695 346
Presbyterian  Ladies' College, Perth - WADoug  De 9424 6463
Ruyton Girls' School - VIC  (Primary Year 5+6)Nalini 340 653
Ruyton  Girls' School - VICWalter 9819 2422
Scotch College - VICMichele 336 694
Scotch  Oakburn College - TASHelen 344 130
Snowy Mountains Grammar School -  NSWAnne 015 679
St  Andrew's Anglican College - QLDCatherine 736 201
St Andrew's Lutheran College -  QLDJulie 010 786
St  Catherine's Catholic College - NSWMegan 802 829
St Edward's College - NSWKatie 603 608
St  John's Lutheran School - QLDJodie 355 979
St Luke's Anglican School - QLDRobyn 586 402
St  Luke's Anglican School - QLDHelen 
St Peters Lutheran College - QLDBrendan 665 345
Swan  Christian College - WADonald 218 608
Tara Anglican School for Girls -  NSWHolly 343 093
Taree  Christian College - NSWMelissa 0423 878 541
The Armidale School - NSWTim 662 420
The  Essington International School - NTJo 340 463
The Scots School - NSWYvie 902 627
Trinity  Anglican School - QLDClaire 099 357
Trinity Catholic College - NSWAmy 621 110
Yarranlea  Primary School - QLDCarmen  467 252