AISNSW is committed to assisting independent schools to provide a safe and supportive environment for all students – one that incorporates positive mental health and student wellbeing outcomes.

Proactive Support of Whole-School Wellbeing

All schools are concerned with whole-school approaches to wellbeing (prevention) along with support for students with higher support needs (intervention)and those needing additional interventions (treatment)– see Figure 1.

School executive, teachers, students and parents are able to access a wide range of Australian evidence-based resources to support wellbeing and to suit their own particular context. In addition, member schools are able to access particular support from AISNSW in relation to students with additional needs, child protection and whole-school approaches to student wellbeing.

Considerations for Schools
  • Utilising evidence-informed or evidence-based resources
  • Using a whole-school approach to student wellbeing and mental health
  • Considering building teacher capacity through professional learning
  • Links to curriculum (e.g. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education)
  • Duty of care
  • Students at risk
  • Child Protection
  • Parent education
  • Critical incident management
AISNSW Support
AISNSW Student Services

Support provided by the Student Services team involves collaborating with AISNSW member schools to assist in addressing the individual needs of students who may require additional planning, support and adjustments with a focus on disability, academic/curriculum, behaviour/social emotional development, mental health difficulties, gender identity and gender expression, school refusal, or a combination of the above.

Lisa Ridings
Division Head: Student Services
AISNSW Student Wellbeing

Bespoke support provided by Student Wellbeing consultants involves a whole-school approach to both student and teacher wellbeing, providing advice, professional learning and wellbeing scope and sequences.

Jo McLean
Senior Assistant Division Head: Professional Learning
AISNSW Workplace Management

Providing advice, support and professional learning in the areas of reportable conduct, risk of significant harm, duty of care and specific and/or whole-school childsafe strategies.

Cathy Lovell
Division Head: Workplace Management