Workers Compensation

Workers compensation provides protection to workers and their employers in the event of a work related injury or disease. 

All NSW employers must have a workers compensation policy if they pay more than $7500 in wages per annum, employ an apprentice or trainee, or are part of a group for premium purposes.

The workers compensation system operates under the:On 19 June 2012 the Workers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 was enacted, with provisions transitioning in on different dates.

Premium reforms for medium to large employers - Experience Rated Employers

30 June 2015

WorkCover NSW have announced premium reforms for medium and large NSW employers which will be rolled out from 30 June 2015. Medium and large employers or experience rated employers are those who have a basic tariff premium (BTP) of $30,000 or more. The aim of the reforms is to simplify the renewal processes and to provide incentives to employers to spend money on creating healthy and safe workplaces and to improve outcomes for injured workers. The major changes will include:

  • A standardised policy renewal document across all insurers.

  • A new premium calculation formula.

  • Premiums will only be adjusted at the end of the year to reflect employer wage changes, not claims experience over the year. Claims experience is still used to calculate the estimate each year.

  • The Employers Safety Incentive (ESI) is a premium discount to encourage employers to invest in safety and support systems so that further benefits can be achieved.

  • Employer Safety Reward (ESR) will become available to all employers who maintain a safe workplace and have not incurred any premium-impacting claims for four consecutive years. 

  • Claims Performance Rate (CPR) will reward employers by discounting their premium if they have a good record of managing worker safety and return to work over the previous three years.

  • Return to Work Incentive (RTWI) is a new incentive that rewards employers who proactively provide injured workers with sustainable return to work. It applies to claims made after 30 June 2015. 

The WorkCover NSW Insurance Premiums User Guide and Your New Renewal Form fact page will assist in answering questions on these changes. WorkCover NSW website www.workcover.nsw.gov.au.

If you would like any further information regarding workers compensation insurance, or managing the return to work process please contact the AIS Workplace Management Team on (02) 9299 2845.

AISNSW Allianz Industry Cover

AISNSW has entered into an AIS Industry Cover agreement with Allianz to provide specialised workers compensation services to member schools.

Since June 2006 schools have had the right to choose their workers compensation insurer. This choice can only be exercised at the time of the policy renewal. As part of this agreement a number of value added services, including information seminars for schools, have been negotiated utilising the expertise of Allianz and other selected service providers.