Primary Podcasts

Welcome to our Primary Podcast Page! We know that teachers love to hear from other teachers. It affirms our own practice as well as sparking new ideas and offering a different lens through which to think about teaching and learning in our classrooms. 

We have designed these bite-sized podcasts with busy primary teachers in mind. Listen to them with colleagues or when you’re enjoying some downtime. 

In this first series of podcasts, you will hear from primary school leaders and teachers as they reflect on the lessons they have learned during the COVID 19 period of learning from home. They discuss the opportunities presented by the significant change to their usual educational practice and why some things will never be the same!

If you have ideas for future podcast topics, we’d love to hear from you. Email Philippa Miller or Sue Pike with your suggestions and we will endeavour to incorporate your ideas as our podcast series grows. 

Phillipa Miller
AISNSW Education Consultant
Sue Pike
AISNSW Education Consultant

Daniel Sandral and Jan Falls
MLC School

Daniel and Jan discuss the power of connecting with community through technology and how failing and trying again is to be embraced.

Episode 1