School Leaders


Excellent governance is crucial for an independent school’s success. To support individual school board members and whole school boards in this critical area of school management, AISNSW provides professional advice on school governance issues and conducts accredited governance training via workshops, courses, conferences and online modules

Board Training & Development

The governance functions of school boards are established in common and statute law, and high standards of due diligence are required from all directors and officers of the company in the exercise of their duties and responsibilities.

To assist the boards of member schools to meet their responsibilities, AISNSW provides advice on school governance issues and conducts governance training via workshops, courses, conferences and online modules.

In accordance with NESA regulations, all directors of school boards must undertake 12 hours of professional learning in governance over a three-year time frame. Training must be predominantly in the context of school governance, and provided by a NESA approved training body.

Executive Recruitment

The AIS provides a range of services to assist school boards with the critically important task of principal recruitment. Services offered include advertising, development of position descriptions and school information materials (prospectus), processing of applications, undertaking referee checks and management of the interview process. This service is also available for principals in the recruitment of deputy principals and other senior school appointments. The cost to schools for this service reflects the range and nature of the services provided. This service is available to AISNSW member schools only.  

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Workshops and Online Learning

Governance Foundations for Not-For-Profit Directors Program for NSW Independent Schools

Over the next 12 months AISNSW in partnership with the Australian Insititute of Company Directors (AICD) will offer 10 customised Governance Foundations for Not-For-Profit Directors Programs for NSW Independent Schools.
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Independent Schools Governance Workshops

Governance for School Council Members

Governance Online

Cyber Security Webinars - A Series for School Decision Makers

School decisions makers need to maintain awareness of the most significant risks, mitigation strategies and attack responses to ensure cyber security for valued stakeholders. AISNSW member school login required.
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