Teachers and Staff

Research and Data in Schools

Research and data in schools is a continually evolving area. It supports school leaders to guide their school planning with evidence-based knowledge and assists classroom teachers to identify with precision their students’ strengths and weaknesses to improve student performance and pedagogical delivery.

Perspectives: Your school in focus

Perspectives: Your school in focus is a whole school survey which will enable you to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement across a broad range of domains including School Environment, Teaching and Learning, Student Wellbeing, Leadership and Community.

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Educational Research

AISNSW provides opportunities for school leaders to undertake their own research projects, utilise a large range of educational data research in their practice, and own context. Grounding education in evidence informed practice is an essential feature of assuring and enhancing educational excellence.

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Data Services

The demand on schools for data informed decision making, transparency and accountability is ever increasing. Typically many schools find themselves inundated with large volumes of data, but it is not always clear how to best use this wealth of information to effectively inform decision making and improve practice.
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