Teachers and Staff

Teaching and Learning

AISNSW advocates for the development of quality teaching practice in all independent schools. Excellence in learning opportunities should be equitable, to enable students to achieve their full academic potential, regardless of their background or personal circumstances.  

AI Portal

To empower school leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complex landscape of artificial intelligence AISNSW has developed the AI Portal.

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Designing for Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a powerful approach which transforms the role of teachers to that of architects of learning, designing experiences that build global competencies. Six deep learning competencies (the 6C’s) activate learners and enable them to engage in authentic learning experiences, to flourish and influence in an increasingly complex world.

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English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D)

Students for whom English is an additional language or dialect can present with varying levels of English language proficiency. AISNSW provides a range of offerings to assist schools to provide EAL/D learners with explicit support and responsive teaching that address their language needs and access to the curriculum.
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Literacy and Numeracy

AISNSW education consultants know that strong literacy and numeracy skills lay the foundation for students' success at school, at work and in their daily lives. Teachers need to use effective evidenced-based strategies to engage their students and support the development of literacy and numeracy skills, as part of a whole-school instructional approach.
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Pathways and Partnerships

The Pathways and Partnerships team works with schools to support their students to make choices that build on their strengths and passions, allowing them to flourish at school and beyond.

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Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

AISNSW PDHPE Education Consultants work with schools to develop quality teaching, learning and assessment strategies while promoting up to date research and practices for PDHPE focus areas. PDHPE learning time is foundational in supporting the health, wellbeing, safety and physical activity of children and young people across their lifespan.
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The AISNSW RTO works exclusively in partnership with independent schools in order to achieve AQF and NESA course outcomes.
The AISNSW RTO supports Independent schools to deliver VET to school students who are enrolled in their school for HSC or Stage 5 VET courses which are endorsed by NESA.
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