Why Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is a powerful approach which transforms the role of teachers to that of architects of learning, designing experiences that build global competencies. Six deep learning competencies (the 6C’s) activate learners and enable them to engage in authentic learning experiences, to flourish and influence in an increasingly complex world.

Express interest in Designing for Deep Learning

The AISNSW offer for our schools

Schools commit to becoming active members of the AISNSW Designing for Deep Learning Network. As part of this network, each school has access to:

  • an introductory professional learning event
  • a suite of validated tools and capacity building resources including research, rubrics, exemplars, videos, webinars, presentations, and more
  • regular, ongoing coaching and consultancy support tailored to your school
  • exclusive professional learning events
  • a facilitated and high-functioning network to leverage collective capacity and learning.

Schools will maximise results by participating actively over a three-year period, during which time data will be collected to enable schools to measure the impact of Designing for Deep Learning in their context.

This offering reflects a co-contribution model through which schools contribute $8,000 (+GST) each year and commit to releasing staff as appropriate. AISNSW provides consultancy support and access to the suite of resources, facilitates related professional learning and the network.

Designing for Deep Learning is driven by your team, for your context, and connects you to a local and global network with a shared purpose. It provides the opportunity to work together with a fresh approach to curriculum, pedagogy and assessment - the vital machinery driving learning success.

The 6Cs and the General Capabilities

New South Wales syllabus documents incorporate seven general capabilities across all key learning areas. Some teachers report feeling insufficiently skilled to teach and assess these well. Designing for Deep Learning will support teachers to become activators of learning, use progressions to assess starting points and monitor competency development in these over time.  The six global competencies align with the general capabilities as illustrated below.

Personal and Social Capability

  • Self awareness and management
  • Social awareness and management 


Critical Thinking

ICT Capability



Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Questioning and possibilities
  • Reasoning
  • Metacognition

Intercultural Understanding

  • Cultural practices
  • Cultural diversity 



Deep Learning combines evidence-based, effective ways of teaching in meaningful ways

Learning Partnerships

Learning partnerships are cultivated between and among students, teachers, families, and the wider environment.

Learning Environments

Learning environments foster 24/7 interaction in trusting environments where students take responsibility for their learning.

Pedagogical Practices

Pedagogical practices are used to design, monitor and assess learning.

Leveraging Digital

Leveraging digital accelerates access to knowledge beyond the classroom and cultivates student driven deep learning.