School Leaders


The AIS Leadership Centre grows and inspires leadership through quality leadership programs. AISNSW also supports school leaders through services such as whole school or targeted reviews; identification of areas needing embedded school improvement; devising of individual educational research projects and  using available data to make better decisions.

The AIS Leadership Centre

The Leadership Centre develops courageous navigators for the emerging future through quality professional leadership learning for school leaders.
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The Evidence Institute

The Evidence Institute builds on previous work in educational research and data analysis undertaken by the Association of Independent Schools NSW. The Institute recognises the importance of exploring the way society understands the place of schools, teachers, and the role they play in shaping future generations.
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Teacher Accreditation

Teacher accreditation in NSW independent schools takes a number of different forms depending on the type of industrial agreement in place and a range of other factors. In all instances, teachers must be registered with NESA.

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