Literacy and Numeracy

The AISNSW promotes the implementation of high quality teaching in literacy and numeracy.

What is our approach?

Literacy and numeracy support provided by the AISNSW is underpinned by the knowledge that quality, evidence-based instruction is required to ensure that all students develop the necessary skills commensurate with their stage of schooling. Based on the research, we identified four common themes that underpin high-impact teaching and learning:

The AISNSW Student Services team provides a range of literacy and numeracy professional learning opportunities that promote effective whole class teaching that explicitly and systematically provide successful learning opportunities for all students.

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Professional learning opportunities are tailored to schools needs and distributed over time to enable time for implementation and reflection.

Components include a combination of school-based professional learning, online self-paced learning modules, consultancy support and parent workshops. Access to a range of teaching resources and assessment approaches specific to the focus areas are also provided.

Explore our NEW professional learning opportunities:

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View the full range of AISNSW professional learning focused on literacy and numeracy. Use key words such as reading, writing, spelling, numeracy and Mathematics, in the search function to locate content specific courses.

AISNSW Bookmarks Now Available

The bookmarks are designed according to the five keys of reading. The five keys of reading operate dynamically to unlock effective reading. However, each is taught explicitly and systematically, carefully building and integrating the keys into a reader’s repertoire.
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Early Literacy Project

The Early Literacy Project is a comprehensive professional learning package designed to support schools with the explicit and systematic teaching of literacy skills.
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Primary Spelling Professional Learning

Primary Spelling has been developed by The Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AISNSW) as a whole school professional learning initiative to support K-6 teachers to teach spelling effectively.
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Primary Numeracy Project

The Primary Numeracy Project is a comprehensive professional learning package designed to support schools with the explicit and systematic teaching of numeracy skills.
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Primary Writing

Primary Writing is a professional learning initiative developed by the Association of Independent Schools to support K-6 teachers to teach writing effectively.
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Foundations of Effective Instruction

The Foundations of Effective Instruction portal outlines approaches and methodologies that support teacher practice and efficacy. It provides an overview of interconnecting frameworks to help teachers design and deliver highly effective lessons and instructional practices that are inclusive of all students.
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ESTA-L® is a early literacy screening platform that has been developed by AISNSW to assist teachers to map students' phonological awareness and phonics skills. These skills are fundamental to ensuring all children learn to read, particularly students in early years.
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Numeracy Screening Tools

AISNSW has developed two numeracy screening tools to assist teachers to monitor students’ progress in the foundational skills of Number across Kindergarten to Year 6.
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HSC Minimum Standard

Students need reading, writing and numeracy for everyday life after school. This is why students in NSW are being supported to meet a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy to receive the HSC.
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Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions

The Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions describe common literacy and numeracy learning pathways for students from Kindergarten to Year 10. They have been developed by ACARA in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education and available on the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) website.
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Best Start Kindergarten Assessment

The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment is an optional NSW Department of Education literacy and numeracy assessment for schools. It is one type of assessment designed to identify each student’s literacy and numeracy skills at the beginning of Kindergarten.
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Best Start Year 7

Best Start Year 7 is an optional NSW Department of Education literacy and numeracy assessment for schools. The assessment provides a snapshot of the literacy and numeracy skills and understandings that students bring to secondary school.
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