Numeracy Screening Tools 

AISNSW has developed two numeracy screening tools to assist teachers to monitor students’ progress in the foundational skills of Number across Kindergarten to Year 6. These have been designed to be administered three times a year.

The Early Numeracy Screening Tool (K-2) has been designed to monitor students’ acquisition of skills in the sub-strands of Whole Numbers and Addition and Subtraction. The Early Numeracy Screening Tool (K-2) should take less than ten minutes per student to conduct. This is administered 1:1 and is best administered by the classroom teacher in a quiet space. This screening tool is scripted, with teachers noting student responses on an answer sheet. Following the completion of the screening tool, the information from the answer sheets is entered into a spreadsheet.

The Years 3-6 Numeracy Screening Tool monitors student progress across the strand of Number and Algebra. A timed video is presented to the whole class at the same time. Answer sheets are provided to record student responses. An untimed problem-solving component is then completed by each student. This should take no more than 20 minutes per class. Following the completion of the screening tool, the answer sheets will be marked by the teacher and the data is entered into a spreadsheet

The results from both of these screening tools are entered into a spreadsheet which allows teachers to easily identify students who may be at risk of falling behind. The data elicited from these screening tools can then be used to plan whole class instruction and differentiated teaching for students according to their identified needs. It will support teachers to provide parents with clear evidence about their child’s progress in numeracy. 

Schools interested in accessing these screening tools can contact Fiona Walker to register their interest.

Participating Schools

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