The Adaptive Leadership Framework: 
The Balcony and the Dancefloor

The Adaptive Leadership Framework: The Balcony and the Dance Floor explores a set of ideas that help organise the social processes of change and the role that you can have in taking beneficial action. During this one-day mastery program with Adaptive Leadership Master Practitioner and teaching partner of Professor Ronald Heifetz from Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Penny Brown, you will learn how to think contextually and systematically about the nature of change and the personal work that accompanies this.

Date: 16 September

Target Audience
This masterclass is for those in leadership roles at all levels, P-12

Addressed Standard Descriptors


This professional learning experience meets the criteria for NESA Accredited PD in the optional Priority Area of Leadership to support the learning outcomes of students/children.

What's Involved?


  • Introduction to Harvard University Professor Ronald Heifetz’s Adaptive Leadership model
  • Applying the thinking to case studies from your own context
  • Developing diagnostic tools to better understand and manage group dynamics
  • Learning how to negotiate complex environments.

This masterclass will challenge you to engage with the main message of adaptive leadership practice; if a system is broken, it must be diagnosed and fixed by taking risks and challenging the status quo in order to provoke change. With the understanding that this can cause pain or be threatening to others, you will return to your school with the courage and confidence to put yourself on the line as a leader and overcome the challenges you are facing together.

AIS Leadership Consultant, Penny Brown, presents this masterclass having worked as Professor Ronald Heifetz’s Lead Teaching Assistant at the Harvard Kennedy School.