AISNSW VET Conference 2024

Elevate: Lifting the VET Experience for All

The insatiable demand by government, business and industry for qualified, skilled workers means that now is the time to elevate VET in schools. There has never been a better time for young people to become qualified and skilled. 

As careers evolve, more young people will weave skills, training and credentials with university qualifications, making them highly employable and well positioned to establish their own businesses. The Independent sector is at the heart of this evolution as the number of schools offering VET continues to grow exponentially and the number of VET students in the sector increases accordingly.

The inaugural two-day 2024 AISNSW VET Conference is an opportunity for VET teachers and leaders to connect, inspire and uplift one another as they explore ways to elevate the VET experience of students, for the benefit of young people and the nation.

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